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  • Q : WCR lower cost of storage Inventory is

    Inventory is an important part of WCR estimation. It is a current asset, which depletes over period of time. Also, it requires creation of facility, which would help in storing the inventory and estimate the associated cost of maintaining and transporting it. The esti

  • Q : Minimum annual savings problem XYZ

    XYZ Company is interested in purchasing a new corporate jet for $6 million. This will depreciate the jet completely in 5 years and then sell it for $5 million. The jet will utilize $60,000 in fuel annually, and its maintenance will be $40,000 yearly. The tax rate of X

  • Q : Define the term Commercial Paper

    Commercial Paper: It is an unsecured obligation issued by the corporation or bank to finance its short-term credit requirements, like accounts inventory and receivable. Maturities usually range from 2 to 270 days. The commercial paper is accessible in

  • Q : Who explained the high-peak/fat-tails

    Who explained the high-peak/fat-tails?

  • Q : Did you see Vueling case Did you notice

    Did you notice the Vueling case? How is this possible that an investment bank sets the objective price of its shares in €2.50 per share upon the 2nd of October, 2007, just after replacing Vueling shares at €31 per share in J

  • Q : How you can predict future evolution of

    Could we suppose that, as we cannot predict the future evolution of the value of shares, a good estimation would be to consider this constant during the next five years?

  • Q : Widgets You are required to submit a

    You are required to submit a bid to supply 200,000,000 widgets per year to the State of Illinois for the next five years. Your company has an idle tract of real estate that cost $1,500,000 ten years ago; if your company sold the land today, it would generate $3,000,000 after the taxes were paid. The

  • Q : Explain lognormal random walk based on

    Explain lognormal random walk based on Brownian motion.

  • Q : Define Working capital requirement

    Working capital requirement: Is a financial term known as WCR, which is used to judge the operational liquidity of the business and it is a part of operational capital. A firm in spite of having a good profitability and assets may not have a good liqu

  • Q : Which currency is utilized in an

    Which currency has to be utilized in an international acquisition in order to compute the flows?