cost and revenue

assume the firm is a price taker and faces a market price of €60 per unit. draw the AR and MR curves

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  • Q : Excess supply for commodity When do we

    When do we state that there is an excess supply for the commodity in market?

    Answer: If at a given price the quantity supplied of a product surpasses its quantity d

  • Q : Annuity of the Perpetuity Dividing the

    Dividing the annuity of the perpetuity by the interest rate gives in the perpetuity’s: (w) rate of return. (x) present value. (y) internal rate of discount. (z) capitalization rate.

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  • Q : Major disadvantage of operating a

    One of the main disadvantages of operating a corporation in relative to operating a sole partnership or proprietorship is that corporations tend to: (i) Offer just limited legal liability to their stockholders. (ii) Utilize specialized management pers

  • Q : State Statutory liquidity ratio or SLR

    State SLR (or Statutory liquidity ratio): It is the ratio of net or total demand and time deposits of commercial bank that, it has to keep in the form of specified liquid assets.

  • Q : Pre-tax and pre transfer income

    From 1950, the pre-tax and pre transfer income distribution comprises: (w) become more equitably distributed. (x) remained about constant. (y) become less equitably distributed. (z) moderated because the rich and the poor both lost income to the middl

  • Q : What is Barter system Barter system :

    Barter system: It is the Exchange of goods for goods is termed as barter system.

  • Q : Economic cost Economic cost can best be

    Economic cost can best be defined as: A) any contractual obligation that results in a flow of money expenditures from an enterprise to resource suppliers. B) any contractual obligation to labor or material suppliers. C) compensations that must be received by resource owners to insure their continued

  • Q : Price inelastic demand without

    A monopolist, who does not price discriminate, cannot maximize profits through producing where demand is: (w) price elastic. (x) price inelastic. (y) above marginal cost. (z) above marginal revenue.

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  • Q : Labor Unions-Sitdown Strikes Whenever

    Whenever unions and managers have failed to arrive at a collective bargaining agreement and workers reject to leave the production facility owned by firm, the union’s strategy is termed as: (i) Boycott or an embargo. (ii) Management lock-out. (i

  • Q : Law of Demand and the Demand Curve


    Describe the differences between shifts in demand and movements along the demand curve. What are the main factors which can shift the demand curve? Explain why they cause the demand curve to shift. Use e

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