cost and revenue

assume the firm is a price taker and faces a market price of €60 per unit. draw the AR and MR curves

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  • Q : Negative marginal revenue Monopolies

    Monopolies will not function in the inelastic portion of the demand curves they face since: (w) marginal revenue is negative. (x) total revenues are negative. (y) total revenue falls as less is produced. (z) marginal revenue is always greater than mar

  • Q : Examples of Substitution goods

    Illustrations of goods which are close substitutes comprise: (i) Technology and capital. (ii) Motorcycles and helmets. (iii) Chopsticks and forks. (iv) Cowhides and beef.

    Find out the right answer from the above op

  • Q : Total increase in national income In an

    In an economy the MPC is 0.75. Investment expenses in the economy raise by Rs.75 crore. Compute total increase in national income.

  • Q : Demand when total revenue uninfluenced

    When total revenue to a firm is uninfluenced by small price changes, in that case demand is: (1) relatively price elastic. (2) relatively price inelastic. (3) unitarily price elastic. (4) vertical. (5) horizontal.

  • Q : When is total revenue maximized If a

    If a monopolist’s marginal revenue is zero, then: (1) total revenue is zero. (2) demand is perfectly inelastic. (3) the price of the product exceeds average cost. (4) economic profit is zero. (5) total revenue is maximized.

    Q : Long run for production theory Long run

    Long run for the production theory is a time period across which: (i) All production occurs. (ii) Firms can adjust all their costs and resources. (iii) Bigger firms absorb the smaller firms. (iv) Marginal costs become decreasingly significant. (iv) Im

  • Q : Find unskilled labor for no minimum

    When there is no minimum legal wage in market for unskilled labor, approximately: (w) 6,000 unskilled workers would earn about $5 per hour. (x) 3,000 unskilled workers would earn about $8 per hour. (y) 4,500 unskilled workers would ea

  • Q : Labour economics Imagine Roger is

    Imagine Roger is contemplating going to school to complete a masters degree in the current period while working part time instead of full time. There are six relevant periods of his work lif, periods t=0,1,2...5. HIs earnings each period if he gets the additional education are given by Yt=100+200t

  • Q : Import car market in equilibrium before

    While the import car market is in equilibrium before the government restricts car imports to Q1, the price which buyers will pay for an import as: (1) falls from P0 to P1. (2) is stable, although dealer profits fall by

  • Q : Lowest possible price in transaction

    Is the assertion such that "Everyone all the time buys everything at the lowest possible price" right? Have you paid more than you had to for any good yet, after permitting for all transaction costs?