cost and revenue

assume the firm is a price taker and faces a market price of €60 per unit. draw the AR and MR curves

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  • Q : Transformation of Predictable Income

    The transformation of predictable income streams within wealth is: (1) asset liquidation. (2) financial optimization. (3) rent-seeking. (4) monopolization. (5) capitalization.

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  • Q : Profits or losses at wholesale price on

    When the wholesale price per bushel of peaches is $9, Cling Peach Orchards would be probably to break even when its peach orchard produced approximately: (i) 2000 bushels of peaches. (ii) 2500 bushels of peaches. (iii) 3000 bushels of

  • Q : Derived Demand for the Labor Can

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Declines in international price of oil would be most probable to cause: (1) Wages of bicycle factory workers to rise. (2) Demand for automobiles to reduce. (3) Incomes of the ge

  • Q : Demand curves relatively more elastic

    Scrutiny of demand curves DD and D0D0 reveals such that: (1) D0D0 is relatively more elastic at a price of P1. (2) DD is relatively more elastic at a price of P2. (3) D0D0 probably reflects the demand f

  • Q : Most efficient technology at the lowest

    When all goods are produced in highly competitive markets as well as there are no externalities, goods tend to be manufactured: (i) relatively inefficiently. (ii) along with the most efficient technology at the lowest price. (iii) along with maximum p

  • Q : Various kinds of capital goods Supply

    Supply curves for different kinds of capital goods are usually: (w) perfectly elastic. (x) perfectly inelastic. (y) upward sloping. (z) downward sloping.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanati

  • Q : Purely competitive or monopolies or

    Compared to either purely competitive firms or oligopolists, monopolies are: (w) more probable to consider the possible reactions of other firms. (x) oblivious to the actions of other firms. (y) less likely to engage

  • Q : Marginal factor Costs problem I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Marginal factor Costs. Please help me in the given question. The synonymous words marginal factor costs or marginal resource costs signify to the: (i) Cost incurred in generating an additional unit of the capital. (ii)

  • Q : Elasticity and Revenue At the point of

    At the point of unit elasticity beside the demand curve then a firm faces: (w) profits are always maximized. (x) total revenue is certainly at a maximum. (y) total costs are minimized. (z) All of the above.

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  • Q : State excess demand or inflationary gap

    State excess demand or inflationary gap: Excess demand takes place whenever AD is bigger than AS at the level of full employment equilibrium.

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