cost and revenue

assume the firm is a price taker and faces a market price of €60 per unit. draw the AR and MR curves

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  • Q : Change in supply of good and in price

    When a change in the supply of a good causes a percentage change within price which exceeds in absolute value the resulting percentage change within quantity demanded, then demand is relatively: (1) price elastic. (2) inferior. (3) no

  • Q : Moral Hazard evidence Cameron is

    Cameron is performing a research project on whale migration at Pacific Ocean. To assist with this research she hires a Ph.D. from the MIT to make computer software to organize data, paying the software genius $150,000 for his services. The Ph.D. assures Cameron that t

  • Q : Statement of the law of demand All as

    All as well equivalent, consumers will buy more of a good per time period the lower its price. This is the statement of the law of: (i) Diminishing returns. (ii) Demand. (iii) Supply. (iv) Markets.

    Can someone please help me in fin

  • Q : Marginalism and characteristics Explain

    Explain about Marginalism and characteristics.

  • Q : Problem regarding goals of Labor Union

    I have a problem in economics on goals of Labor Union. Please help me in the following question. Trade unions are reasonably supposed to try to maximize merely: (1) Wage rate. (2) Level of employment. (3) Total wage costs paid by the employers. (4) No

  • Q : Unitarily price elastic of demand At a

    At a price for $25, the demand for DVD games is around: (w) perfectly elastic. (x) perfectly inelastic. (y) unitarily elastic. (z) positively associated to supply.

    Q : Marginal factor Costs problem I have a

    I have a problem in economics on Marginal factor Costs. Please help me in the given question. The synonymous words marginal factor costs or marginal resource costs signify to the: (i) Cost incurred in generating an additional unit of the capital. (ii)

  • Q : Barriers to entry and long run

    A firm which realizes an economic profit in the short run will carry on generating economic profits in the long run only when: (i) it maximizes economic revenue. (ii) barriers to entry prevent entry from rival firms. (iii) its managers minimize princi

  • Q : Equilibrium market price and quantity

    Equilibrium market price and quantity would definitely both falls when demand declines and supply will: (w) decreases. (x) increases. (y) is constant. (z) pulsates rhythmically.

    I need a good answer on the topic of

  • Q : Problem on losing financial investments

     Can someone please help me in finding out the precise answer from the following question. Owners generally can’t lose more than their financial investments when a firm is a: (i) Proprietorship. (ii) Family business. (iii) Partnership. (iv) Corporation.

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