cost and revenue

assume the firm is a price taker and faces a market price of €60 per unit. draw the AR and MR curves

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  • Q : Consumers and corrupt governmental

    I have a problem in economics on Consumers and corrupt governmental processes. Please help me in the following question. John Kenneth Galbraith believes that the big corporations: (1) Must be broken up to the foster competition. (2) Manipulate the con

  • Q : Problem on Budget constraints James and

    James and Louisa each have an income of $30, which they each spend on tomatoes and all other goods.  They buy tomatoes at their local farmers market, which charges $3 per pound.  Define the units for all other goods so that their price is $1 per unit. 

  • Q : Marginal revenue in selling extra unit

    The price a firm acquires from selling an extra unit of output, minus any revenue lost when price should be reduced in all other units sold, equals: (1) average revenue. (2) marginal profit. (3) mark-up price. (4) marginal revenue. (5) total revenue.<

  • Q : Price discriminate A monopolist selling

    A monopolist selling several di erent products can sometimes "price discriminate" by bundling her products together. Here's an example. Suppose the U of C is planning to o er a series of two concerts. The rst program in the series consists of music by Chopin; the second, music by Stravinsky

  • Q : Problem on rational ignorance An

    An illustration of rational ignorance is demonstrated when you: (1) Are elected to a political office. (2) Settle for an other half who is not your "ideal" mate. (3) Eat a steak which increases your cholesterol level. (4) Were suspended from high scho

  • Q : Implicit Costs-Earning income The

    The economic cost borne by you as the college student which would be ignored by the bookkeeper whenever computing costs however that economists would consider the implicit cost of your education would be: (1) Food, similar costs and rent which you would incur even whe

  • Q : Exploitation and Competitive Markets

    The removal of exploitation of labor (or wage payments beneath the value to the society of each and every individual worker’s productive contribution) is automatic when business decision makers: (1) Should set wages via collective bargaining agreements by labor

  • Q : Determine marginal revenue by maximizes

    Maximizes total revenue by a monopolist where marginal revenue: (w) equals marginal cost. (x) is rising. (y) is zero. (z) is negative.

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of

  • Q : Problem on Agency Shop The union

    The union strategy which prevents the non-union employees of the firm from being free riders is to negotiate a contract which needs the firm to be a/an: (i) Agency shop. (ii) Open shop. (iii) Collective bargaining shop. (iv) Closed shop. (v) Union shop.

  • Q : Economic profits to entrepreneurs

    Economic profits are NOT recompenses to entrepreneurs who: (1) endure business uncertainty. (2) provide society along with economic capital. (3) innovate new goods and technologies. (4) exercise monopoly power or monopsony power. (5)

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