cost and revenue

assume the firm is a price taker and faces a market price of €60 per unit. draw the AR and MR curves

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  • Q : Elimination of featherbedding Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. The labor union goals for members don’t usually comprise: (i) Higher wages. (ii) Better working conditions. (iii) Bigger fringe advantages. (iv) Elimination of feather-bedding.

  • Q : Bonds and Interest Rates in Long-Term

    When the interest rate increases, in that case the price of a long-term bond: (w) rises faster than a perpetuity bond. (x) falls. (y) does not change. (z) appreciates relatively less than a short term bond.

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  • Q : Problem regarding to trade restrictions

    When the U.S. imposes quotas which restrict imports of textiles from China, this decrease the: (w) demand for textiles within the U.S. (x) supply of Chinese textiles to Europeans. (y) supply of textiles in the U.S. (z) incomes of U.S. textile makers.

    Q : Signaling and Screening Completing your

    Completing your degree is most probable to be a significant signal which will help you in securing a well-paid job with bright future when potential employers: (i) Want to make sure that job applicants have already acquired important amounts of precise human capital.

  • Q : Workers in monopsonistic labor markets

    I have a problem in economics on Workers in monopsonistic labor markets. Please help me in the following question. The workers in monopsonistic labor markets receive salaries: (i) That barely cover the subsistence. (ii) Beneath the value of marginal p

  • Q : Monopolists maximize profits Maximizing

    Maximizing the net social benefits from a specified stock of resources does NOT need that: (i) price equals marginal cost for all goods. (ii) marginal social benefit equals marginal social cost [MSB = MSC]. (iii) no one can be made better off unless s

  • Q : Annual economic profit When point e

    When point e corresponds to $9 per copy for Silver Screen DVDs, Nostalgia Corporation can produce annual economic profit of at mostly about: (i) $25 million. (ii) $35 million. (iii) $50 million. (iv) $75 million. (v) $100 million.

    Q : Determine competitive price of purely

    In this demonstrated figure purely competitive lumber mill’s generic 2×4s now sell for: (1) $3.60 each. (2) $3.00 each. (3) $2.70 each. (4) $2.40 each. (5) $2.10 each.

    Q : Firm under perfect competition The firm

    The firm beneath perfect competition is a price taker by the reasons shown below:

    A) Number of firms: The number of firms beneath perfect competition is so big that no individual firm by changing sale, can cause an

  • Q : Coefficient of price elasticity Why the

    Why the coefficient of price elasticity of demand is is negative?

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