Consumer Equilibrium-Utility Maximization

Assume that you are an avid golfer and profit $36 worth of pleasure from the first golf hole played on any specific day, however the additional pleasure you profit from playing succeeding holes falls by $2 per extra hole. The $40 greens fee is needed to begin golfing however you can then play as many holes as you like with no extra fees. On days whenever you play golf, you will generally play: (1) 9 holes per day. (2) 12 holes per day. (3) 18 holes per day. (4) 36 holes per day. (e) 24 holes per day.

What is the right answer?

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  • Q : Price elasticity of demand relatively

    The transfer of wealth from industrialized countries to oil exporting countries (OPEC) which followed skyrocketing oil prices within the 1970 year indicates such that the price elasticity of demand for oil: (w) relatively low. (x) relatively high. (y)

  • Q : Define Yield to Maturity Describe what

    Describe what do you mean by the term Yield to Maturity?

  • Q : Question on economic cost Select the

    Select the right answer of the question. Which of the following is not an economic cost? A) wages. B) rents. C) economic profits. D) normal profits.

  • Q : Short-run consequence of hurricanes

    A probable short-run consequence of a devastating sequence of hurricanes smashing by Florida would be: (w) reductions within the prices of building materials. (x) raises the price of tickets at Disney World. (y) declining demand for Florida oranges due to higher price

  • Q : Thought of economists for law of equal

    Explain different thought of economists for law of equivalent marginal advantage.

  • Q : Open Shops problems Can someone help me

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Firms which employ workers devoid of needing any form of either dues or union membership are: (i) Agency shops. (ii) Laissez-faire shops. (iii) Closed shops. (iv) Union shops. (v) Open shops.<

  • Q : Comparison of competitive and

    If compared to competitive advertising, in that case informative advertising tends to: (1) help consumers make more satisfying choices. (2) be a waste of resources. (3) increase transaction costs. (4) be less efficient than competitiv

  • Q : Problem on competitive resource market

    The firm in a perfectly competitive resource market which consists of market (monopoly) power in its output market will hire the resources to a point where: (1) w = MRP. (2) VMP = MRP. (3) w = VMP. (4) MFC = w.

    Can someone please h

  • Q : Problem on coefficient of income

    Refer to the following diagrams give the answer of following question. In which case would the coefficient of income elasticity be positive? 1) A 2) B  3) C  4) D



    Q : Oligopoly in market structure Unlike a

    Unlike a monopolistically competitive firm, which an oligopoly is described by: (w) product differentiation. (x) extensive use of advertising. (y) conscious interdependence in decisionmaking by firms. (z) independence among firms.

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