Consumer Equilibrium-Utility Maximization

Assume that you are an avid golfer and profit $36 worth of pleasure from the first golf hole played on any specific day, however the additional pleasure you profit from playing succeeding holes falls by $2 per extra hole. The $40 greens fee is needed to begin golfing however you can then play as many holes as you like with no extra fees. On days whenever you play golf, you will generally play: (1) 9 holes per day. (2) 12 holes per day. (3) 18 holes per day. (4) 36 holes per day. (e) 24 holes per day.

What is the right answer?

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    Assume that a few years after graduating, life as an investment banker became very frustrating that you switched careers to work as the professional cat walker, and were happier even although your annual income fell much than 80 percent. Your decreased money income is

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    I have a problem in economics on Monopsony Power and Immobility of Labor. Please help me in the given question. The immobility of labor is economically significant as: (1) Most of the people like to move, however can't. (2) People in high salary occupations won't be c

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    The assertion which unions are more powerful nowadays than ever before is: (i) Supported by the consequences of the union contracts on an inflationary spirals. (ii) Reflected in the growing proportion of workers included in violent, protracted and costly strikes. (iii

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    Whenever your purchasing power drops as the price of a good you purchase increases, you make adjustments as of the: (1) Marginal utility effect. (2) Price level effect. (3) Income effect. (4) Consumer excess effect.

    Choose the righ

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    Interest Rate Price Risk: The risk which occurs for bond owners from fluctuating interest rates is termed as interest rate risk. How much interest rate risk a bond has based on how sensitive its price is to interest rate modifications.

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    A profit-maximizing monopolist will certainly be capable to generate economic profits when, at certain level of output: (w) average fixed costs [AFC] are very high. (x) average total costs [ATC] lies above the demand curve. (y) averag

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    The market supply curve is derived via: (i) Evaluating the net costs for each potential level of output. (ii) Inverting (or taking the mirror image of) the market demand curve. (iii) Horizontally summing up individual supply curves. (iv) Averaging the

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    To drive rivals by a market but ignore losses incurred by predatory pricing, a firm could: (w) cut price below costs but continue to sell similar amount of output. (x) set price equal to average costs, removing incentives for other firms to reenter th

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    Hey friends I need your help for illustrated figure in below where for cranberries, the market demand curve is: (i) A. (ii) B. (iii) F. (iv) J. (v) E.

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