comunity engagement and education

identify the modes employed in the management of comunity ECD programes in your community and explain them in the following lines 1 sole proprietorship and corporation 2 NGO mode 3 donor managed and ommunity owned

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  • Q : Determine the requirements of

    Within broad economic terms "efficiency" needs: (w) an upward move within the production curve. (x) full employment. (y) it being not possible to make someone better off without creating someone else worse off. (z) producing cars with low gas consumption.

  • Q : Current situation- better off without

    When it is possible to make somebody better off without making anybody worse off, the current condition is: (w) efficient. (x) inefficient. (y) optimal. (z) simply enhanced.

    How can I solve my problem of Economic Efficiency

  • Q : Eccentricities of Jeremy Bentham The

    The eccentricities of Jeremy Bentham (from 1748 to 1832) did not comprise: (i) allowing a pet pig to freely roam his mansion. (ii) petitioning the London Council for permission to replace shrubbery beside his driveway along with mummi

  • Q : Determine desirable items without

    Desirable items without opportunity costs are termed as: (i) free goods. (ii) economic goods. (iii) capital goods. (iv) financial goods. (v) gifts of nature.

    Hey friends please give your view for the problem of opportunity

  • Q : Illustrates a case of Scarcity and

    Every decision involves opportunity costs due to the fundamental facts which underpin: (i) limits to human reason. (ii) production technology. (iii) limits to human wants. (iv) demand and supply analysis. (v) scarcity.

    Q : Requirement of goods for economic

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic efficiency. Please suggest me your suggestion that the need for economic efficiency which society should produce the goods people want is termed as: (i) allocative inefficiency. (ii) productive inefficiency. (iii) distribu

  • Q : Changes in relative prices make

    Changes in relative prices make easy allocative efficiency through operating like a rationing mechanism while: (i) Ken and Barbie postpone their wedding since they both lost their jobs throughout a recession. (ii) Political instabilit

  • Q : Driving issues in economics The driving

    The driving issues within economics are like: (w) income distribution and wealth. (x) productive inefficiency and waste. (y) restricted resources and unlimited human desires. (z) financial planning and mismanagement.

    Q : Economic questions incapability of

    Economic questions incapable of scientific verification like to correctness or falsity, as like why, how and when to prosecute and execute alleged murderers, or to whom income must be again distributed, fall in the category of: (1) positive economics.

  • Q : Ownership of major non-labor resources

    I have a problem in economics on Ownership of major non-labor resources. Please help me in the following question. Government ownership of main non-labor resources is the characteristic of: (1) Capitalism. (2) Decentralization. (3) Anarchism. (4) Soci

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