comunity engagement and education

identify the modes employed in the management of comunity ECD programes in your community and explain them in the following lines 1 sole proprietorship and corporation 2 NGO mode 3 donor managed and ommunity owned

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  • Q : Who thought Murderers do more harm than

    Murderers do more harm than shoplifters; therefore they must be punished proportionally more harshly as per the school of thought developed through: (i) medieval scholar Thomas Aquinas. (ii) Chinese leader Mao Zedong. (iii) lawyer and social reformer Jeremy Bentham. (

  • Q : Savings as big investment The Economic

    The Economic growth in a proficient economy will tend to increase when: (1) Capital quickly depreciates and becomes obsolete. (2) Threats of war divert resources to the national defense. (3) People’s savings increase to permit bigger investment. (4) Funds for re

  • Q : Occurrence problem of Economic

    Economic inefficiency is most obviously a problem while: (i) Elmer hates Alpo but eats this so he can afford a cheap daily bottle of Gertrude's Hi Test Wine. (ii) Emma forgot to turn off the water and this runs down the street in a storm sewer six blo

  • Q : Explain economic concept of scarcity in

    Can someone explain/help me with best solution about problem of economic concept of scarcity...

    By which economic concept of scarcity is explained in a simple fashion:

    (w) Our natural resources are running out.

    (x) Particular goods (vintage wines and rare

  • Q : Which principle is simplest workable

    The principle which the simplest workable theory is also the fine is termed as: (i) positive analytics. (ii) minimalism. (iii) Occam's razor. (iv) simple-mindedness. (v) hypothesis testing.

    I need a good answer on the topic of

  • Q : Define the economically efficient

    An economically efficient combination of resources: (w) may or may not be technologically efficient. (x) will be technologically inefficient. (y) will not be technologically inefficient. (z) automatically assures equity.

    Hey guys p

  • Q : Moral dimensions of social decisions in

    Positive economics is LEAST related with the: (w) allocation of economic resources. (x) conflict of obtainable resources and societal needs. (y) mechanisms by that resources are used to satisfy societal requirements. (z) moral dimensions of social dec

  • Q : Example of distributive efficiency in

    I found a seashell which you would truly like to have, and you determined a coconut that I would truly like to include. Trading your coconut for my seashell would improve: (i) allocative efficiency. (ii) productive efficiency. (iii) distributive efficiency. (iv) quali

  • Q : Scaring people of a commodity or service

    Hello guys I want your advice. Please recommend some views for given problem that when are people of a commodity or service scarce: (1) gain from having this obtainable, (2) Wish more than the amount freely obtainable, (3) Say no to p

  • Q : Define positive technical statement on

    A positive technical statement on the subject of college life is which: (1) college deans are more moral than department chairs. (2) elite colleges frequently admit the wrong students. (3) history professors and accounting professors deserve similar pay. (4) on averag

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