comunity engagement and education

identify the modes employed in the management of comunity ECD programes in your community and explain them in the following lines 1 sole proprietorship and corporation 2 NGO mode 3 donor managed and ommunity owned

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  • Q : Purchases of recently issued bonds and

    Define one reason that the purchases of recently issued bonds and stocks: (1) just only increase the value of federal funds. (2) Are not economic investments since they are just alternative forms of people’s financial saving? (3) Reduce the prof

  • Q : Requirement of goods for economic

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic efficiency. Please suggest me your suggestion that the need for economic efficiency which society should produce the goods people want is termed as: (i) allocative inefficiency. (ii) productive inefficiency. (iii) distribu

  • Q : Changes in relative prices make

    Changes in relative prices make easy allocative efficiency through operating like a rationing mechanism while: (i) Ken and Barbie postpone their wedding since they both lost their jobs throughout a recession. (ii) Political instabilit

  • Q : Give an example of Absolute Prices When

    When the overall price level rises, then there are changes within: (i) absolute prices. (ii) subjective values. (iii) relative prices. (iv) objective prices. (v) tax rates.

    How can I solve my economics problems, which is related to

  • Q : Explain about market buyers A buyers’

    A buyers’ market is a market in that: (w) queuing to secure goods is common. (x) the current market price is below equilibrium. (y) demand exceeds supply. (z) several sellers experience surpluses.

    I need a go

  • Q : Why is a wristwatch a model of the

    A wristwatch is a model of the passage of time since it gives a: (w) simple representation of a complex process. (x) good illustration of modern technology. (y) way to coordinate human activity. (z) unique statement of one's personality.

    Q : Describe an illustration of Positive

    Predicting a fall within the national unemployment rate along with a new untested economic model is an illustration of: (1) positive economic analysis. (2) normative economic analysis. (3) a microeconomic prediction. (4) predictability no better than a call to the psy

  • Q : Human choices and consequences in

    Economics as like a Science is most relates with: (a) human consequences and their choices. (b) mathematical formulas to compute profit. (c) how government agencies price services and goods. (d) wealth accumulated through private ente

  • Q : Decision making and outputs as well as

    Particular decision making and how outputs and prices are determined are the mainly focus of: (w) Occam’s razor (x) microeconomic analysis. (y) macroeconomic theory. (z) economic efficiency

    Hey friends please give your opinio

  • Q : Case of priceless in relative prices

    While people sincerely refer to something like "priceless", so they most likely mean that this is: (a) mostly meaningless to name a monetary price since its opportunity cost is more high. (b) worthless junk on that they place no value. (c) irreplaceab

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