comunity engagement and education

identify the modes employed in the management of comunity ECD programes in your community and explain them in the following lines 1 sole proprietorship and corporation 2 NGO mode 3 donor managed and ommunity owned

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    I have a problem in economics on Property Rights. Please help me in getting the right answer from the following question. John Locke believed that the value and property rights derive from: (i) Social conventions prevailing inheritance. (ii) The helpf

  • Q : Explain about excellent economic

    Good economic theories are tends to be: (w) detailed pictures of real-world economic behavior. (x) based upon value judgments. (y) logical and simple explanations of real world behavior. (z) intended at maximizing capitalists' profits.

    Q : Allocative Mechanisms and Efficiency

    Allotment of resources and goods through tradition or brute force will most probable outcome in: (i) Inadequately low production. (ii) Equivalent income distributions. (iii) Democratic resource allocation. (iv) Production possibilities growth.

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    Jeremy Bentham was principally related along with: (1) establishing laissez faire economic policies. (2) reforming the legal system, particularly as this related to crime. (3) establishing a public school system in England to maximize utility from ens

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    Movements all along the production possibilities curve would not replicate: (1) Technological advances. (2) A society’s choice-making among alternative output combinations. (3) The limiting factor of scarcity in output choices. (4) Opportunity c

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    I have a problem in economics on Governmental allocations of goods. Please help me in determining the accurate answer of the following question. Pure capitalism is least reliable with: (i) Governmental allocations of goods. (ii) Laissez-faire policies

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    I need a good respond on the topic of Economic problems. So, please give me your suggestion that for the economy Net economic investment as an entire occurs while:

    (i) Romance novelist Portia Palpitates buys a $4 r

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    I have a problem in economics on Offsetting effects of Economic Growth. Please help me in the following question. Technological advances and resource diminution tend to join and hence a society’s production possibilities curve experiences: (i) R

  • Q : Opportunity cost of absent class in

    Why is class attendance mostly always higher on days while examinations are specified?

  • Q : Explain the problem of Self Interest in

    As per the view of humans as Homo economics, individuals: (w) can simply achieve states of whole satisfaction. (x) must learn to get by along with what they have. (y) want to maximize personal satisfaction by self-interested behavior. (z) have fewer requirements as th