comunity engagement and education

identify the modes employed in the management of comunity ECD programes in your community and explain them in the following lines 1 sole proprietorship and corporation 2 NGO mode 3 donor managed and ommunity owned

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  • Q : Behavior of deliberately act in

    Deliberately acting in a way which cannot attain a wanted goal is: (w) rational behavior. (x) random behavior. (y) irrational behavior. (z) maximizing behavior.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regard

  • Q : Circular flow models of markets I have

    I have a problem in economics on Circular flow models of markets. Please help me in the following question. In a simple circular flow model of markets, the eventual ‘owners’ of all labor and non-labor resources are classified as: (i) Emplo

  • Q : Usefulness of Positive Economics Please

    Please help me to solve the problem that is given below:

    Positive economics is MOST helpful within finding if: (i) Particular economic goals are good or not. (ii) A set of national goals is desirable. (iii) Specific economic t

  • Q : How would be an example of a free good

    An example of a free good would be: (1) a cool breeze upon a hot humid day. (2) DVDs specified as door prizes to the first 100 shoppers at the grand opening of a Best Buy. (3) the care and attention mothers provide babies. (4) trinkets at the Dollar Store that cost me

  • Q : Charecteristics of market efficiency

    Explain the characteristics of market efficiency?

  • Q : Best theory according to razor of Occam

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that as per to Occam's razor, the excellent theories are: (v) The most logical and complex. (w) Ideal mirrors of each aspect of reality. (x) Simply proven by using

  • Q : Problem on Economic Ideologies Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the following options. Government makes numerous economic decisions and acts as the ‘trustee’ in owning and allocating most of the non-labor resources beneath an economic system of: (i) Centrally pla

  • Q : Give an example of Absolute Prices When

    When the overall price level rises, then there are changes within: (i) absolute prices. (ii) subjective values. (iii) relative prices. (iv) objective prices. (v) tax rates.

    How can I solve my economics problems, which is related to

  • Q : Problem regarding the distributive

    Ted and Willy are eating lunch. Ted has a Snowball and Willy a Ding Dong for dessert. Strongly prefer both Ding Dongs. A required trade of Willy's Ding-Dong for Ted's Snowball would be likely to enhance: (w) distributive efficiency as Fred is better off. (x) allocativ

  • Q : Concept of income more to the poor than

    The concept about, on average, further income implies more to the poor than to the rich conforms most to the teachings or philosophy of: (1) Thorstein Veblen. (2) Friedrich Nietzsche. (3) Gautama Buddha. (4) Jeremy Bentham. (5) Nostradamus. (6) Adam S

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