Characteristics of Management

Clarify the characteristics of Management?




Characteristics of Management were as follows:-

1. Goal oriented Process: We can say to achieve already specified and desired objective it is a goal oriented process which is undertaken.

2. Pervasive: Management is pervasive in nature. It is used at every level in all types of organizations whether it social, economic as well as political.

3. Multidimensional: It can involves management of People, work as well as operations that is why it is known as multidimensional.

4. Continuous: It is a continuous process which means all managers instantaneously functions are being performed. The procedure of management remain till an organisation exist for accomplishing its objectives.

5. Group Activity: It is a group activity since it involves managing and coordinating activities of different people as a team to attain the preferred objectives.

6. Dynamic function: It is a dynamic function hence it has to adapt to change the environment.

7. Intangible Force: It is an intangible force because it cannot be visible but its present (effect) are felt in the form of results like whether the objectives are met and whether people are motivated or not.

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