Characteristic of the market system

Select the right ans wer of the question. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the market system? A) private property. B) freedom of enterprise. C) government ownership of the major industries. D) competition in product and resource markets.

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  • Q : When price elasticity rise Price

    Price elasticity of demand for a good will tend to rise as the: (i) Number of reasonably good replacements available rises. (ii) Consumer income level rises. (iii) Good is a less significant budget item. (iv) Time permitted for response reduces. (v) Elasticity of supp

  • Q : Price discrimination to increase

    A firm can practice price discrimination to increase its profitability when this: (w) confronts a perfectly elastic demand curve. (x) is a pure quantity adjuster. (y) has some market power and is able to separate its customers into various groups alon

  • Q : Long-run purely competitive industry

    For a purely competitive industry in the long-run: (w) neither net entry nor net exit of firms will arise. (x) firms will experience significant economies of scale. (y) the typical firm’s economic profit will exceed its accounting profit. (z) th

  • Q : Fixed constant cash flows in equal

    Financial instruments which promise fixed constant cash flows at equal time intervals forever are termed as: (1) coupon debentures. (2) perpetuities. (3) perennials. (4) residuals. (5) dividends.

    Please choose the righ

  • Q : Supply of Labor-Income and Substitution

    I have a problem in economics on Supply of Labor: Income and Substitution Effects. Please help me in the following question. When the income effect of higher wage rate is more influential than the substitution effect, then: (1) The supply curve of labor is positively

  • Q : Total revenue of profit maximizing firm

    If this profit-maximizing firm as in given figure can’t price discriminate, in that case its total revenue will equal to: (w) $90,000 per month. (x) $112,000 per month. (y) $60,000 per month. (z) $120,0000 per m

  • Q : Nominal wages If the nominal wages of

    If the nominal wages of carpenters rose by 5 percent in the year of 2000 and the price level increased by 3 percent, then the real wages of carpenters: A) decreased by 2 percent. B) increased by 2 percent. C) increased by 3 percent. D) increased by 8 percent.

  • Q : Explain Subsidiary function Elucidate

    Elucidate the Secondary or Subsidiary function?


    1) Standard of deferred payments: Money is executing as deferred Payment

  • Q : Contestable Markets When consumers

    When consumers ultimately cannot distinguish one roasted chicken dinner from other, when roasted chicken dinners are produced within a constant cost industry, and when no barriers to entry or exit exist, in that case the long-

  • Q : Power monopsonist I have a problem in

    I have a problem in economics on Power of monopsonist. Please help me in the given question. The firm which is the sole buyer of a specific good or resource is a: (m) Monopsonist. (n) Plutocracy. (o) Bilateral monopolist. (p) Price discriminator. (q) Conglomerate.