Characteristic of the market system

Select the right ans wer of the question. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the market system? A) private property. B) freedom of enterprise. C) government ownership of the major industries. D) competition in product and resource markets.

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  • Q : International demand or supply affected

    Sixty Chinese manufacturers have started producing generic staplers. Since each factory is very small to noticeably influence the international demand or supply for staplers, every firm is: (1) a cartelized seller. (2) a price taker. (3) a primary goo

  • Q : Consequence of vigorous price

    Product differentiation is least probable to be a consequence of: (i) model year changes for carmakers. (ii) corporate logos. (iii) advertising. (iv) vigorous price competition. (v) showy packaging.

    Can someone exp

  • Q : Estimate elasticity of supply When a 20

    When a 20 percent price hike causes quantity supplied to develop 50 percent, elasticity of supply is just about: (w) 5/2. (x) 2/5. (y) 2. (z) 1/2.

    Please choose the right answer from above...I want your suggestion

  • Q : When are price variation tendencies

    Price variation tendencies are indeterminate while we know simply that: (1) super star salaries make this hard for team owners to meet rising demands for sporting events. (2) more people main in music although demands for musicians are falling. (3) oi

  • Q : Maximum possible total revenue from

    Maximum possible total revenue by sales of the extremely popular St. Valentine’s Day software is about: (i) $65 million. (ii) $45 million. (iii) $85 million. (iv) $105 million. (v) $200 million.

    Q : Net revenues problem When your firm

    When your firm generates ski boats, your net revenues from selling given numbers of ski boats would be influenced least by: (1) Raised prices for jet skis. (2) Pay hikes for dock-workers. (3) Government increasing fees for boat licenses. (4) Vacatione

  • Q : Monopolistic competition in long run

    When this firm initially had important market power along with potential long-run economic profit, a likely cause of the firm finally being in a stable equilibrium of an $18 price and output of 5,000 units every day would be:  (1

  • Q : Increasing demand for Complementary

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. When tortilla chips go on sale for fifty percent off, then the demand for salsa is most probable to: (1) Stay similar. (2) Reduce. (3) Raise. (d) Raise only when salsa as well g

  • Q : Conscious Interdependence Oligopolists

    Oligopolists enter within formal or informal arrangements to fix prices within attempts to: (1) stabilize prices to customers. (2) compete more effectively along with foreign competitors. (3) reduce the price elasticity of market demand.  (4) max

  • Q : Production possibilities analysis Refer

    Refer to the given diagram. As it associate to production possibilities analysis, the law of increasing opportunity cost is reflected in curve:1) A  2)  B  3) C  4) D

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