Characteristic of the market system

Select the right ans wer of the question. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the market system? A) private property. B) freedom of enterprise. C) government ownership of the major industries. D) competition in product and resource markets.

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  • Q : Normative goals of microeconomics

    Normative goals of microeconomics comprise: (w) economic growth. (x) price-level stability. (y) high employment. (z) equity within the distribution of income.

    Please friends choose one choice from the above. I want your suggestion

  • Q : Free Trade Agreement Tell me the answer

    Tell me the answer of this question. Critics of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) falsely feared that it would: A) increase the flow of illegal Mexican immigrants to the United States. B) cause the European Union and Japan to raise trade barriers against

  • Q : Demand prices exceeds supply prices

    When only Q0 papayas reached the market in that case: (1) desperate buyers would be willing to pay only P1 per papaya. (2) production costs would exceed P2 per papaya. (3) buyers would be indifferent regarding getting additional papaya

  • Q : Point of hiring labor for profit

    The entire profit maximizing firm will hire additional labor up to the point where the: (i) Average physical product of the labor equivalents the nominal wage. (ii) Last unit of labor adds equally to net revenue and net cost. (iii) Marginal product of the labor is at

  • Q : Meaning of term competition in Economic

    Economists generally use the word “competition” to refer to: (w) negotiations among buyers and sellers. (x) a type of market structure in that competitors are price takers and, occasionally, to rivalrous processes among firms. (y) how pric

  • Q : Indeterminable market supply curve For

    For a monopoly firm a market supply curve is: (w) steeper than the market supply curve of a competitive industry. (x) indeterminable because profit-maximizing quantities with profit maximizing prices are determined concurrently, and depend upon costs

  • Q : Strikes and Lockouts Can someone please

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. The outcomes of strikes do not comprise: (i) Losses of the perishable products. (ii) Shipping delays. (iii) Decreased production costs. (iv) Shortages.

  • Q : Elasticity of supply Suppose that the

    Suppose that the price of peanut packets increases by 5 %, the quantity supplied of peanut increases by 8 %. Then what is the elasticity of supply?

    Answer: Es = Per

  • Q : Values of the Marginal Product and

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Hourly salaries as reflected in take-home pay are probable to be less than the values of worker’s marginal product (or VMP) in part since of: (1) Monopsonistic exploitation which causes

  • Q : Define price elasticity of supply with

    The supply curve which would best reflect the supply of 1940 a Packard 180 limousine is as: (i) supply curve S1. (ii) supply curve S2. (iii) supply curve S3. (iv) supply curve S4. (v) supply curve S5.