Characteristic of the market system

Select the right ans wer of the question. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the market system? A) private property. B) freedom of enterprise. C) government ownership of the major industries. D) competition in product and resource markets.

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  • Q : Opinion about kinked demand curve model

    George Stigler concluded which the kinked demand curve model is incorrect to the extent that this depends on: (w) marginal cost pricing. (x) pure competition. (y) interdependent decision making.  (z) sticky prices.

  • Q : Implicit Costs-Earning income The

    The economic cost borne by you as the college student which would be ignored by the bookkeeper whenever computing costs however that economists would consider the implicit cost of your education would be: (1) Food, similar costs and rent which you would incur even whe

  • Q : Monopolistic competition in market power

    A firm which has some market power but for that long-run profit is prevented by freedom of entry and exit is engaged within: (1) pure monopoly. (2) pure oligopoly. (3) monopolistic competition. (4) socially responsible behavior. (5) pure competition.<

  • Q : Saving and Investment Lowered interest

    Lowered interest rates since households have determined to save more tend to: (1) give incentives for financial investors to switch by stock to bonds. (2) reduce the optimal level of economic investment. (3) discourage investments in new residential c

  • Q : Determine constant elasticities of

    Which of the given demand curves have constant elasticities of demand as follows: (w) A vertical demand curve. (x) A horizontal demand curve. (y) A rectangular hyperbola. (z) All of the above.

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  • Q : Long-run equilibrium price and output

    Long-run output and equilibrium price combinations describe a purely competitive industry’s: (w) demand curve. (x) long-run supply curve. (y) expansion path. (z) contract curve.

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  • Q : Problem on decrease in demand for goods

    For normal luxuries and goods, decreases in income tend to cause the: (i) Market prices to increase. (ii) Raises in quantities demanded. (iii) A reduction in demand for goods. (iv) Demand curves to shift to right.

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  • Q : What is indifference curve Indifference

    Indifference curve: It demonstrates various combinations of two goods that provide identical level of satisfaction to the consumer.

  • Q : Distribution of Wealth When line 0C0'

    When line 0C0' shows the U.S. income distribution, in that case the distribution of wealth would most likely be possible: (1) line 0A0'. (2) line 0B0'. (3) line 0C0'. (4) line 0D0'. (5) line 0E0'.

    Q : Unitarily price elastic while small

    When small raises or decreases within the price of generic bananas do not influence the total sales revenue from bananas, in that case the market demand for generic bananas is: (i) perfectly price elastic. (ii) perfec