Characteristic of the market system

Select the right ans wer of the question. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the market system? A) private property. B) freedom of enterprise. C) government ownership of the major industries. D) competition in product and resource markets.

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  • Q : Size Distribution of Income The degree

    The degree of inequality of income in between households and individuals is the: (w) marginal productivity theory of income distribution. (x) functional distribution of income. (y) distribution of wealth. (z) size distribution of income.

  • Q : Monopsony and Marginal Resource Costs

    The marginal resource cost for the monopsonist in labor market which can’t discriminate the wage: (1) Is perfectly inelastic. (2) Lies beneath the market supply of labor. (3) Lies above market supply of the labor. (4) Is perfectly elastic.

  • Q : NO profit-maximizing firm in long run

    In the long run no profit-maximizing firm would produce yet a level of output at that: (w) marginal revenue is below the price charged consumers. (x) demand is relatively price inelastic. (y) total revenue would exceed total variable costs but not tot

  • Q : Reliablity with standard economic

    Which of the given behaviors is least reliable with standard economic suppositions regarding consumer behavior? (i) Gustav cannot decide which of three distinct combinations of goods he favors. (ii) Lynn hates pickled herring; however Chris is willing

  • Q : Define price ceiling Price ceiling :

    Price ceiling: Price ceiling refers to the highest price fixed by the government beneath the market determined price (that is, equilibrium price) so that requirements might be made accessible to the common people at a reasonable price. In India the go

  • Q : Price fluctuations to go bankrupt in

    Speculators are most probable to go bankrupt when their activities: (w) increase price fluctuations. (x) decrease transaction costs to other buyers or sellers. (y) dampen the volatility of prices. (z) improve economic efficiency.

    Q : Aggregate effective demand Why,

    Why, according to Keynes, is investment the key economic variable? Why does he think that the volatility of investment spending is likely to cause a problem of aggregate effective demand? Why does he think that this problem can only be solved by government interventio

  • Q : Interest rate of annual income When

    When perpetuity pays annual income of $50, in that case at an interest rate of 4 percent its price is: (w) $1000. (x) $1250. (y) $1400. (z) $1800.

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  • Q : Occurrence of Adverse Selection When an

    When an NFL football team obscures information regarding damage to a former all-pro linebacker’s knees prior to trading him to the other team, the team which receives that player loses since of: (1) Immoral hazard. (2) Malfeasance. (3) Perverse selection. (4) Ad

  • Q : Imposition of price ceilings The

    The imposition of price ceilings which are below equilibrium generally results within: (w) shortages and net decreases in economic efficiency. (x) more efficient allocations of scarce resources. (y) greater consumer satisfaction and b