Characteristic of the market system

Select the right ans wer of the question. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the market system? A) private property. B) freedom of enterprise. C) government ownership of the major industries. D) competition in product and resource markets.

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  • Q : Estimate income elasticity of demand

    When Y = income, that is the income elasticity of demand is approximately measured when the value of: (i) (% change in Q) / (% change in Y). (ii) ratio of the slopes of demand relative to supply. (iii) (% change in Q) / (% change in P). (iv) constant

  • Q : Define regressive in taxes as

    Line T2 depicts as in below graph a tax system which is: (i) progressive. (ii) recessive. (iii) proportional. (iv) biased. (v) regressive.

    Q : Marginal utility of Goods and Bads When

    When Joe Glutton’s final bite of a burger yielded no profit in total utility, then Joe: (i) Don’t like hamburgers. (ii) Has reached the minimum utility from eating the burgers. (iii) Has reached the point where marginal utility of hamburgers is 0 (zero). (

  • Q : Error of commission in uncertainty Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the most precise answer from the given options. The error of commission would be: (1) Student forgets to study for the test. (2) The decision not to make a product which another company later generates successfully. (3) The company s

  • Q : Optimization and Heuristics Can someone

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. No one can execute all the mental gymnastics essential to perfectly process information and hence all their decisions are mathematically optimal, therefore most of the people rely heavily on m

  • Q : Canada’s top three trading partners

    Name the Canada’s top three trading partners?

  • Q : Long-run equilibrium price and output

    Long-run output and equilibrium price combinations describe a purely competitive industry’s: (w) demand curve. (x) long-run supply curve. (y) expansion path. (z) contract curve.

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  • Q : High economic profits High economic

    High economic profits for firms are least probable to arise by: (1) important market power. (2) “cut-throat” competitive pricing policies. (3) superior products. (4) unusually efficient managers. (5) price-maker behavior.

    Q : Analysis deregulation caused the

    Choose the right answer of the following problem. "The government deregulated the electricity industry in California and a shortage of electricity occurred soon . It is clear that the deregulation caused the shortage." This statement requires careful analysis becau

  • Q : Labor Union History Can someone please

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Preceding to the AFL-CIO merger in the year 1955: (i) AFL was an alliance of the industrial unions. (ii) The CIO was an alliance of the craft unions. (iii) Strikes over which un