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  • Q : Explain String String: It is an

    String: It is an instance of the String class. A string comprises of zero or more Unicode characters, and they are not mutable or immutable, once formed. The literal string is written between a pair of string delimiters ("), as:

    Q : Define the term server-side XPointer

    Define the term server-side XPointer?

  • Q : Functions of Interrupts and system calls

    What are the various functions of Interrupts and system calls?

  • Q : Advantages of Object oriented

    Q. What are the advantages of Object Oriented Programming languages? Explain them.

    Ans. : Object oriented programming language has following advantages-

    Q : Define Byte code Byte code : Java

    Byte code: Java source files are converted by a compiler into bytecodes that is, the instruction set of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The Bytecodes are stored in the .class files.

  • Q : Write a program that initializes an

    Write a program that initializes an integer array a[20] with values {0, 1, 2, 3, ...18, 19 - once each} then scrambles them up and prints the values in random order.

    For example: 19 2 3 8 11 1 4 17 7 15 9 0 16 12 18 13 5 6 10 14



  • Q : What is Hash code Hash code : It is a

    Hash code: It is a value returned by a hash function. A hash code can be employed as an index into a random-access data structure, offering a proficient mapping between an object and its position. Employed by classes like HashMap.

  • Q : Define the term Heterogeneous collection

    Define the term Heterogeneous collection: It is a collection of objects with distinct dynamic types

  • Q : One-time signature scheme Define

    Define one-time signature scheme?

  • Q : Define Anonymous object Anonymous

    Anonymous object: An object formed without an identifier. They are generally formed as array elements, actual arguments or method outcomes. For example:

        private Point[] vertices = {