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  • Q : Explain Static variable Static variable

    Static variable: It is a static variable defined within a class body. Such a variable fits in to the class as a whole, and is, thus, shared by all objects of the class. The class variable may be employed to define the default value of an instance vari

  • Q : What is SLAM SLAM is a Microsoft

    SLAM is a Microsoft project that blurs the line between static analysis and model checking and deductive reasoning. The main goal of SLAM is to check temporal safety properties of C programs (it actually checks that a program correctly uses the interf

  • Q : Define the term Blank final variable

    Blank final variable: A final variable which is not initialized as portion of its declaration. This variable should be initialized in either an instance initialization block or every of the constructors for its class before it is employed. A static bl

  • Q : Index value of the initial element in

    Write the index value of the initial element in an array?

  • Q : Technologies are used in AJAX Name the

    Name the technologies that are used in AJAX?

  • Q : Define the term Multiprogramming system

    Define the term Multiprogramming system: It is an operating system which is able to run multiple programs parallel.

  • Q : What is Parsing Parsing : Generally

    Parsing: Generally applied to the action of a compiler in examining a program source file for syntax errors. This is too employed more broadly to mean the analysis of the structure of input.

  • Q : Explain the term soft real-time Explain

    Explain the term soft real-time.

  • Q : Describe IEEE 754 IEEE 754 : The

    IEEE 754: The standard 754-1985 issued by Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers for the binary floating point arithmetic. It is the standard to which Java's arithmetic matches.

  • Q : Define the term Subordinate inner class

    Define the term Subordinate inner class: It is an inner class which executes well-defined subordinate tasks on behalf of its enclosing class.

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