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  • Q : Benefit from JavaIDL Why did Java

    Why did Java benefit from the development of JavaIDL?

  • Q : ERD What is the meaning ofDerive the

    What is the meaning ofDerive the department and staff relations from the following ERD.

  • Q : State the term Standard Generalized

    State the term Standard Generalized Markup Language?

  • Q : Define Zip file Zip file : It is a file

    Zip file: It is a file employed to store compressed versions of the files. In connection with Java bytecode files, such have mostly been superseded by the Java Archive (abbreviated as JAR) files.

  • Q : Describe MCP or Model Checker for C plus

    MCP: Model Checker for C++ (MCP) is an explicit-state software model checker being introduced by the Robust Software Engineering group at NASA Ames Research Center (Thompson and Brat, 2008). MCP was constructed specifically to allow programs written i

  • Q : What are the major issues related with

    What are the major issues related with multiprocessor caches and how might you resolve them?

  • Q : What is Homogeneous collection

    Homogeneous collection: A group of objects with similar dynamic type. Arrays are the most general homogeneous collection objects.

  • Q : Explain Default initial value Default

    Default initial value: It is the default value of any variable not explicitly initialized whenever it is declared. The fields of numeric primitive types contain the value zero by default, Boolean variables encompass the value false, char variables enc

  • Q : Define Checked exception Checked

    Checked exception: An exception which should be caught locally in the try statement, or propagated through a throws clause stated in the method header.

  • Q : BAT files and shell scripts Using the

    Using the Web as a resource for your investigation, find out and explain what BAT files and shell scripts contain, and what they are used for. In the light of your findings, discuss why an operating system would provide both a graphical user interface

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