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  • Q : Chown Explain the chown, chmod and

    Explain the chown, chmod and chgrp?

  • Q : Explain Window manager Window manager :

    Window manager: This is a window manager which provides a computer user with a virtual desktop having one or more windows and working regions in which individual programs might be run. Window managers permit the contents of a user's desktop to be arra

  • Q : Explain the way to create a Mutex

    Explain the way to create a Mutex.

  • Q : What is Quotient Quotient: Whenever

    Quotient: Whenever integer division is executed, the outcome comprises of a quotient and a remainder. The quotient symbolizes the integer number of times which the divisor divides into the dividend. For example, in 5/3, 5 is the dividend and 3 is the

  • Q : Write a program using simple loop

    Objective:  The purpose of this problem is to gain experience with the principles necessary to write a program using simple loop, decision processing, counters and accumulators

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  • Q : Explain Object reference Object

    Object reference: It is a reference to an object. Languages other than Java employ terms like pointer or address or. It is significant to keep the difference clear between an object and its reference. The variable like argo

    Q : What are tools require View XHTML

    What are tools require View XHTML Documents?

  • Q : How can you explain basic elements of

    How can you explain basic elements of WebServices?

  • Q : Define Bounds Bounds : It is the limits

    Bounds: It is the limits of an array or collection. In Java, the lower limit is for all time zero (0). In case of an array, the upper bound is one less than the length of the array, and is fixed. Indexing exterior the bounds of an array or collection

  • Q : Input and output formatting in C++

    Input output formatting in C++: C++ support

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