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  • Q : Problem on Planar scintigraphy Let

    Let assume seven PMTs situated around the origin of the x-y coordinates on the face of the Anger camera as illustrated in the figure. The size of the PMTs is 2mm by 2 mm and each PMT has been allocated a number. The single scintillation event yields a response from PM

  • Q : What is applet? Explain life cycle of

    Ans. Applet: An applet is an application designed to travel over the internet and to be executed on the client machine by a java compatible

  • Q : Define the term Method signature Define

    Define the term Method signature: This is the synonym for method header.

  • Q : Describe Timers Timers: While time

    Timers: While time values usually cannot be reduced in the target system, their usage can be encapsulated as an abstraction which can be replaced easily (e.g., by a non-deterministic choice) during model checking.

  • Q : Choice of technology in coding of game

    What are the choice of technologies while coding a game?

  • Q : Compute the Total Shopper Spending in

    Most of the reports produced from the system compute the total dollars in purchases for a shopper. Process the following steps to build a function named TOT_PURCH_SF which accepts a shopper id as input and returns the total dollars which the shopper has spent with com

  • Q : What is Round robin allocation Round

    Round robin allocation: It is an allocation of time slices which repeatedly cycles regarding a set of eligible threads in the fixed order.

  • Q : Define the term Nested class Define the

    Define the term Nested class:  It is a class stated within an enclosing class.

  • Q : Define the term Micro- Processor Define

    Define the term Micro- Processor.

  • Q : Define the term Critical section

    Critical section: It is a section of code in which there is potential for a race hazard. The critical sections made use of the synchronized statements or methods.

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