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  • Q : Problem on COBOL source code errors

    There are many errors in the following COBOL source code. Identify the errors and rewrite the program so that it contains no errors:
    IDENTIFICATION DIVISION   (Full stop required)

  • Q : Main purpose of Child Header files

    Illustrate what is the main purpose of Child Header files?

  • Q : What is Reduce Concurrency Reduce

    Reduce Concurrency: From a model-checking perspective, the searched state space consists of all possible thread-state combinations, which implies that the level of concurrency has the biggest impact on state space size. As a consequence, reducing conc

  • Q : What is Namespace Namespace: It is the

    Namespace: It is the region of a program in which specific identifiers are visible. Java employs packages to give namespaces, and its visibility rules: package, private, protected, public-variously include identifiers within the namespaces.

  • Q : Compute the Total Shopper Spending in

    Most of the reports produced from the system compute the total dollars in purchases for a shopper. Process the following steps to build a function named TOT_PURCH_SF which accepts a shopper id as input and returns the total dollars which the shopper has spent with com

  • Q : What is Transmission Control Protocol

    Transmission Control Protocol: It is the Transmission Control Protocol (abbreviated as TCP) is a set of rules which permit reliable communication among two processes across a network.

  • Q : Are you sure that XHTML element name

    Are you sure that XHTML element name case sensitive?

    Answer: XHTML element names surely are case sensitive. Every element names should be written within lower case l

  • Q : Simple Sorting Program in C Shell

    Assignment: Sorting

    You will write a simple sorting program. This program should be invoked as follows:

    shell% ./fastsort -i inputfile -o outputfile

  • Q : Uses of the Utilities.Trim function

    Some tools on the web page I am testing have leading or trailing whitespaces. I am utilizes the Utilities.Trim function to eliminate them, but sometimes this does not work. What is incorrect?

  • Q : Ways in which Java program is less

    Give two ways in which a Java program is less likely to be compromised than the same program written in C++.

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