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  • Q : Define Bootstrap classes Bootstrap

    Bootstrap classes: The classes which make up the Java Platform Core Application Programming Interface (API), like those found in the java.lang, java.io and java.io packages.

  • Q : Scripting Language Programming

    Hi Assignment Team, Please find attachment of my assignment. Please advise if there is any unclear information Regards, King

  • Q : Assembly program that reads in five

     I need to write assembly program that reads in five numbers from the user. The user can then be prompted for one of the following pieces of information to be computed and returned: . the mean of the five numbers; . the largest number in the set; . the smallest number in the set; . t

  • Q : What is Central Processing Unit Central

    Central Processing Unit: The Central Processing Unit (that is, CPU) is the heart of a computer as it is the portion that includes the computer's capability to follow instructions. Each kind of CPU has its own instruction set.

  • Q : What is Actual argument Actual argument

    Actual argument: The value of an argument enacted to a method from exterior to the method. Whenever a method is called, the real argument values are copied into analogous formal arguments. The kinds of the actual arguments should be compatible with th

  • Q : Explain Virtual memory Virtual memory :

    Virtual memory: It is computer will comprise a limited amount of real memory accessible to it. Programs frequently need more memory than the quantity of real memory. Moreover, in a multiprogramming system, various processes will be competing for simil

  • Q : Double clock signal in synchronous

    Describes the cases where you need to double clock a signal before presenting this to a synchronous state machine?

  • Q : Explain Enumerated type Enumerated type

    Enumerated type: A data type-not directly accessible in Java - in which symbolic names are employed for a series of constant numeric values. They facilitate the evading of magic numbers. They can be simulated in the Java with fields i

  • Q : Concept of object oriented analysis

    Q. Explain the concept of object oriented analysis with explanation of all steps of analysis. 

    Q : What is Bounded repetition Bounded

    Bounded repetition: The Repetition where statements within a loop's body are executed a fixed number of times and the number of times is established whenever the loop began. There is no control structure in Java which guarantees the bounded repetition

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