BVP using finite difference

an example of a c++ program using finite difference method usin boundary value problam

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    A bipolar junction diode contain a uniform cross-sectional region of 2x10-3 cm2 and a doping concentration of 1013 cm-3 in p-type and n-type both materials.  Therefore diffusion properties are Dn = 5 cm2s-1, Ln = 50 µm for (e-

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    Illustrates the various types of memory within embedded systems?

    Answer: Different parts in embedded system are illustrated below:

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    Edexcel BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Engineering 1Unit 117: Digital and Analogue Devices andCircuits
    AimThis unit aims to develop the knowledge and skills needed to design and test DC power supplysystems, operational amplifier circuits and digital elec

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    What do you mean by the term Avalanche breakdown? Describe in brief.

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    Explain several types of the cooling system in the transformers?

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    For what kind of application, the anti-symmetrical impulse and the symmetrical impulse response may be used?

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    States the Architecture Design of embedded system?

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    Find out the impedance of the series R-L network demonstrated in figure below at a frequency of 1 kHz and state this in the form of phase and magnitude. Calculate the current flowing in the network from the source and the individual voltages across the resistor and th

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    A bipolar diode based logic circuit is demonstrated in given figure. Establish the output voltage as the supply voltage, VCC, as well as the circuit parameters for all combinations of input logic levels along with VH = VCC and VL = 0V. Draw waveforms demonstrating the input

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    Explain the requirements and characteristics of embedded system?