brief explanation of diffusion

brief explanation of diffusion

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    Self-Directed Work Teams: The self-directed work team (abbreviated as SDWT) is a group of people, usually employees in a company, who unite various skills and talents to work devoid of the customary managerial supervision toward a common purpose or go

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    Describe the term flat and long bones?

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    State the logical order in which concepts of the atoms, molecules, cells... up to biosphere are related?

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  • Q : Destination of notochord in vertebrates

    Write the destination of notochord in vertebrates and in protochordates?

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    Lysogeny: The condition in which viral genome which is provirus related with host genome in a manner that the viral genes stay in unexpressed state.   

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    Customer Acquisition: At present bank is low at customer acquisition, bank need to acquire more number of customers and stand at a point where they have a large customer base. They can acquire more customers with partnerships with government schemes a

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    Describe the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum which is absorbed by plants? What would occur to photosynthesis when the green light waves that reach a vegetable were obstructed?

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    Describe briefly about CD4 lymphocytes? Write down the relationship between these cells and HIV? How does HIV replicate?

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