how long will it take and how much will u charge

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  • Q : Audit committee A subgroup of the board


    A subgroup of the board of directors composed of directors who are independent of an organization and not employed by organization. The committee acts on behalf of the full board and all stockholders to check on management actions and it has responsibility for the soundness of the

  • Q : Differentiation between External and

    Elucidate the differentiation between External Audit and Internal Audit?

  • Q : Marketing audit for banking industry

    Marketing audit for banking industry will be developed based upon following features:

    A) It will help and support the top management in identification and management of risks.
    B) It will help in evaluating th

  • Q : Portfolio manager uses a T-bond futures

    1. A portfolio manager uses a T-bond futures contract to hedge a bond portfolio over the next 4 months. The portfolio is worth $75 million and will have duration of 5 years in four months. The futures price is 118 and each contract is for $200,000. There are three bon

  • Q : Auditing i juz need answer of question

    i juz need answer of question 13 14 15 16... m uploading assignment having 16 questions i have done until 12... m gona upload solution as well

  • Q : Top line revenue versus Bottom line

    What is the difference between Top line revenue and Bottom line revenue.

  • Q : Auditing around the computer Audit


    Audit procedures that ignore the actual computer processing part of business activities. A sample of input is tested and verified through standard audit technique, and the output is checked. Auditing around the computer assumes that if the output rights, then the processing is righ

  • Q : Operating versus Non-Operating Revenue

    Distinguish between Operating versus Non-Operating Revenue?

  • Q : Calculate the internal control audit

    Tell me that how we can calculate the internal control audit?

  • Q : Objectives of Internal Audit Write down

    Write down the main Objectives of Internal Audit?

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