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  • Q : Can a company hold a default rate on

    Can a company hold a default rate on its accounts receivable that is too low? Describe.
    A company could hold a default rate on AR which would be considered too low if by liberalizing credit terms a significant rise in sales revenue and cash inf

  • Q : Explain working of accounts receivable

    Explain working of accounts receivable factoring? And describe benefits to the two parties involved and risks?
    Factoring is while one firm sells accounts receivable (AR) to another. The purchasing firm is termed as a factor. The factor earns

  • Q : Describe benefits of the JIT inventory

    Describe the benefits of the JIT inventory control system?

    The just-in-time (JIT) inventory control system lowers inventory carrying costs & tends to raise quality.


  • Q : Health finance 7.2 The audiology

    7.2 The audiology department at Randall Clinic offers many services to the clinic's patients. The three most common, along with cost and utilization data, are as follows: Service Variable Cost Annual Direct Annual # Visits per Service Fixed Costs Basic exam $5 $50,000 3,000 Advanced examination $7 $

  • Q : Explain Administratively Established

    Administratively Established Positions: The positions authorized by the Department of Finance throughout a fiscal year that were not comprised in the Budget and are essential for workload or administrative reasons. These positions fin

  • Q : Explain Proposed New Positions Proposed

    Proposed New Positions: It is a request for an authorization to use up funds to use additional people to execute work. Proposed new positions might be for limited time periods (that is, limited term) and for full or less than full tim

  • Q : Underwriting a new security issue for

    What does an investment banker do while underwriting a new security issue for any corporation?
    While underwriting a new security issue an investment banker purchase it and after that resells it to investors.

  • Q : Define One-Time Cost One-Time Cost : A

    One-Time Cost: A proposed or real expenditure that is non-recurring (generally only in one annual budget) and not permanently comprised in baseline expenditures. The departments make baseline adjustments to eradicate prior year one-time costs and suit

  • Q : Better risk measure in evaluating risk

    Why is the coefficient of variation a better risk measure to employ than the standard deviation while evaluating the risk of capital budgeting projects?
    The coefficient of variation is a better risk measure than the standard deviation alone sinc

  • Q : Financial strategy describe the sales

    describe the sales forecasting process ?

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