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  • Q : Explain about market buyers A buyers’

    A buyers’ market is a market in that: (w) queuing to secure goods is common. (x) the current market price is below equilibrium. (y) demand exceeds supply. (z) several sellers experience surpluses.

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  • Q : Behavior of deliberately act in

    Deliberately acting in a way which cannot attain a wanted goal is: (w) rational behavior. (x) random behavior. (y) irrational behavior. (z) maximizing behavior.

    Can anybody suggest me the proper explanation for given problem regard

  • Q : Determine an example of net investment

    When gross investment is $100 billion whereas $10 billion of capital is worn out, in that case net investment is: (w) $90 billion. (x) $100 billion. (y) $110 billion. (z) not possible to calculate without more information.

    Q : Problem of Economic Policies and

    Hello guys I want your opinion. Please recommend your view for given Economic Policies and Normative Economics problems.

    Disagreements in between economists about economic policies most commonly occur from differences within their:

  • Q : Unregulated market competition in

    Adam Smith’s well-known reference to an “invisible hand” implies that: (w) unregulated market competition improves economic welfare. (x) government must closely regulate monopolies. (y) pure competition is a divinely motivated market

  • Q : Hypothesis included by normative

    Please help me to solve the problem of hypothesis in normative statements in normative economics that is given below:

    Normative statements would consist of the hypothesis which: (v) Abuse of alcohol lowers GPAs. (w

  • Q : What would illustrations of economic

    I need your answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that illustrations of economic capital would contain a: (1) Garbage truck. (2) $10,000 ten-year United States Treasury bond. (3) College diploma. (4) Deeded right to

  • Q : Explaining work in Wealth of Nations In

    In words of Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations had given an explanation of work how: (w) dictatorship is more efficient than democracy. (x) economic processes work in a communistic society. (y) real estate investment is a exact path to

  • Q : Problem on violating someone rights Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Fee simple property rights do not permit private owners to: (1) Deny utilization of their goods to others. (2) Trade such rights with other people. (3) Employ goods in manner

  • Q : When is Self-interest evident How can I

    How can I solve my following problem? Please suggest me the correct answer.

    Explain reason Self interest is evident while: (i) A mugger utilizes a $1 bullet upon his victim to take $100 by his wallet. (ii) Helen cr