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  • Q : Mixed economy of a market system

    Whenever compared to a mixed economy which relies primarily on the market system, the society which relies relatively greatly on brute force, queuing, and arbitrary selection tends to experience: (1) Powerful reducing returns. (2) Opportunity costs to drop. (3) Fast t

  • Q : Associates facts in Economics of

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of Scientific Economic work that is given below:

    Scientific tries to relate facts to produce understanding of how things work are termed as: (w) mathematics. (x) theories or mode

  • Q : Economic assumption of rationality in

    As per to the economic assumption of rationality: (w) entrepreneurs are usually more rational than employees. (x) consumers often perform in random or erratic ways. (y) people tend to behave in accord along with their goals. (z) people who are rationa

  • Q : Explain the positive economic statement

    A positive economic statement is one which: (w) involves scientifically testable predictions. (x) is based upon value judgments. (y) explains the world idealistically. (z) applies primarily to microeconomic data.


  • Q : Explained economics capital generally

    Where is generally economic capital referred: (1) Money and other financial assets. (2) Machinery, buildings and equipment. (3) Net investment minus depreciation. (4) Corporate bonds and stocks.

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  • Q : Social economics and philosophy

    The early school of social economics and philosophy which strongly emphasized education like a mechanism for social reform were: (i) utilitarians. (ii) physiocrats. (iii) mercantilists. (iv) classical. (v) neoclassical.

    Q : Find out supply shifted to higher

    This market for clothing started on S0 and D0. Inside this market for clothing,: (w) demand has increased, possibly because of a raise in income. (x) new equilibrium price lies below the original equilibrium price. (y) supply may have transferred

  • Q : FUNDAMENTAL economic problems of

    Society's FUNDAMENTAL economic problems do NOT comprise deciding: (w) what goods to produce. (x) how to produce the goods selected. (y) what occupation each person must pursue. (z) who must find to use the goods produced.

    Q : Punishment to criminals devoid of

    The early philosopher who argued about criminals must be punished proportionally to the harm completed to society, but without consideration of remorse, intent or motive was: (1) John Stuart Mill. (2) Edwin Chadwick. (3) Jeremy Bentham. (4) Adam Smith. (5) Aristotle.<

  • Q : People thinking about invisible hand of

    Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” consider as to a process through which people think: (w) trying to serve their own interests also exploit social well being. (x) rely upon democratic governments to make main economic decisions. (y) base