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  • Q : Economic equity consideration in

    Economic equity considered as to: (1) financial settlements of court cases. (2) the balance of national trade. (3) questions of the fairness of several economic arrangement. (4) passing hidden costs upon to consumers. (5) the gross value of any stocks

  • Q : Problem regarding the distributive

    Ted and Willy are eating lunch. Ted has a Snowball and Willy a Ding Dong for dessert. Strongly prefer both Ding Dongs. A required trade of Willy's Ding-Dong for Ted's Snowball would be likely to enhance: (w) distributive efficiency as Fred is better off. (x) allocativ

  • Q : Explain about the Economic Model

    Economic models are most generally based upon: (i) specification of all interdependencies among all relevant economic variables. (ii) “other things equal” assumptions. (iii) equations which specify how to maximize financial profits. (iv) a

  • Q : Existence of scarcity for human survival

    Please help me to solve the problem of scarcity that is given below:

    Why is Scarcity existed for human: (1) survival requires unlimited resources, (2) needs are enormous relative to the means obtainable to satisfy

  • Q : Knowing the Property Rights Fee-simple

    Fee-simple property rights comprise the right to: (1) Demolish things you own, sell them, or confer them away.  (2) Duplicate a copyrighted work by paying the small fee. (3) Picnic in such publicly-owned facilities like national parks. (4) Employ

  • Q : Basic economic questions NOT included

    The three basic economic questions do NOT include: (w) What?, (x) For whom?, (y) Where? and (z) How?

    Can someone explain me with about above problem of fundamental economic concept...

  • Q : Building blocks for a capitalist system

    Building blocks for a capitalist system comprise: (i) supplies and demands. (ii) private property rights. (iii) laissez-faire policies. (iv) market-determined prices and outputs. (v) All of the above.I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems

  • Q : Production in economically efficient

    Production based upon economically efficient mixtures of resources: (w) Maximizes production costs for a specified output. (x) Minimizes output from a specified cost. (y) Maximizes output or/and minimizes costs. (z) is unlikely since resources are unl

  • Q : Determine desirable items without

    Desirable items without opportunity costs are termed as: (i) free goods. (ii) economic goods. (iii) capital goods. (iv) financial goods. (v) gifts of nature.

    Hey friends please give your view for the problem of opportunity

  • Q : Efficiently distribution of goods If

    If goods are efficiently distributed in between households, then all family is: (w) sure to lose when any income redistribution arises. (x) treated equitably. (y) and also off as possible without making any other family worse off. (z) able of gaining by a better distr

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