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  • Q : Limits of Technological Advances

    Technological advances would not comprise: (i) Native Americans demonstrating Pilgrims how crops grow faster when rotten fish are dropped within with seeds they plant. (ii) pouring coffee through a coffee pot you obtained as a birthday gift. (iii) new

  • Q : Argument for infant industries to

    The argument for infant industries must be protected through competition through established foreign industries was first advanced through: (1) Richard List. (2) Gustav Schmoller. (3) David Ricardo. (4) Alexander Hamilton. (5) Thomas Robert Malthus. (6) early mercanti

  • Q : Illustrates a case of Scarcity and

    Every decision involves opportunity costs due to the fundamental facts which underpin: (i) limits to human reason. (ii) production technology. (iii) limits to human wants. (iv) demand and supply analysis. (v) scarcity.

    Q : Perceptions about equity and need

    Government often bases decisions regarding distributions of income and output on: (i) unemployment and Inflation. (ii) Positive economic theories. (iii) Perceptions regarding equity and need. (iv) Market demands and supplies.

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  • Q : Explain about the NO economic reform NO

    NO economic reform could probably: (w) remove scarcity. (x) decrease the average costs of production. (y) abolish equality in income distribution. (z) increase wages for most workers.

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  • Q : Government as a trustee on nonhuman

    Can someone please help me in finding out the accurate answer from the following question. Government acts as the trustee over nonhuman resources beneath: (i) Laissez-faire capitalism. (ii) Socialism. (iii) Fee-simple property rights systems. (iv) Feu

  • Q : Market adjustments change equilibrium

    A movement along the demand curve for a good would be caused through changes within: (1) preferences and tastes. (2) costs for productive resources. (3) supply which change the equilibrium price of the good. (4) expectations regarding future prices.

  • Q : Illustration regarding to market

    When the soybean market begins within equilibrium upon S0D0 and in that case a highly publicized study demonstrates yoghurt to be much more nutritious than the tofu made by soybeans, the market changes to: (w) S0D2. (x) S

  • Q : Worse off and better off condition in

    When an economic change makes one person worse off and one thousand persons better off, this is: (1) good for society. (2) bad for society. (3) neither bad nor good for society. (4) not possible to assess without a va

  • Q : Problem relating to the Distributive

    Several parents ask children to write down lists of “things” they would like Santa to carry for Christmas, as well as to rank their “wants” in sequence. While gifts are positively associated to children’s lists, that “wish list&rdqu

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