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  • Q : Savings as big investment The Economic

    The Economic growth in a proficient economy will tend to increase when: (1) Capital quickly depreciates and becomes obsolete. (2) Threats of war divert resources to the national defense. (3) People’s savings increase to permit bigger investment. (4) Funds for re

  • Q : Offsetting effects of Economic Growth I

    I have a problem in economics on Offsetting effects of Economic Growth. Please help me in the following question. Technological advances and resource diminution tend to join and hence a society’s production possibilities curve experiences: (i) R

  • Q : Payments to entrepreneurs in

    The payments to entrepreneurs are called as: (i) Profits increasing from bearing risk and uncertainty, innovating new products and organizing production as well as processes. (ii) Rental payments by extensive land holdings. (iii) Interest through loaning money. (iv) I

  • Q : Why is a wristwatch a model of the

    A wristwatch is a model of the passage of time since it gives a: (w) simple representation of a complex process. (x) good illustration of modern technology. (y) way to coordinate human activity. (z) unique statement of one's personality.

    Q : Assertion of a normative statement

    How can I solve my economics problems? Please suggest me the right answer for an illustration of a normative statement, would be the assertion which: (w) bald men are intelligent. (x) balding advances along with age. (y) bald men must wear toupees. (z) strength and hi

  • Q : Firm-production similar to output with

    When a firm could produce at least similar output with less of one resource and no additional of any other, mix of resources of the firm is technologically: (w) and economically efficient. (x) efficient, but economically inefficient. (y) inefficient, but economically

  • Q : Illustrate Prices of gold and silver in

    Gold and silver, both although better conductors of electricity than copper, are not generally used for household electric circuits since they are much more expensive. It illustrates prices like: (i) Information. (ii) Rationing devices. (iii) Incentiv

  • Q : Defining the term Money in Economic I

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that how is defining Money a form of: (i) basic economic resource. (ii) the capital stock., (iii) financial capital. and (iv) precious metal.

    Q : Socialism-ownership of non-human

    Can someone please help me in finding out the right answer from the following question. A faith that most of the nonhuman resources must be owned, not by the private individuals, however instead ‘by everyone’ in common, with the govt. as t

  • Q : Majority worse off and minority better

    When an economic change makes a huge majority of the population worse off and a minute minority better off, the alteration is: (w) good for society because it made some people better off. (x) bad for society since only a few people ar