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  • Q : Influence of technology in production

    The production possibility frontier would not be prolonged by: (i) The Pilgrim’s increasing utilization of fertilizer after Native Americans exhibited them that corn grows better when a rotten fish is planted all along with seeds. (ii) Vandalism

  • Q : Theory of Smiths - Economic Development

    Theory of economic development by Adam Smith relies upon a ________ to kick-start the process, and subsequently _________ to continue this.  (w) higher wages./ the wages fund. (x) division of labor/ higher wages. (cy) explosive p

  • Q : Illustrations of economic bads included

    How can determine where would be illustrations of economic “bads” included. Please suggest me the accurate answer: (i) loud stereo systems,. (ii) beautiful sunsets caused through high levels of air pollution, (iii) golf courses built upon abandoned garbage

  • Q : Economic Capital and Per Capita Income

    Assume that half of our world’s people, arbitrarily selected, were vaporized by space aliens or teleported to the parallel universe, however no other feature of life on our Earth was influenced. Avoiding any disruptions to families or psychological trauma this c

  • Q : Best theory according to razor of Occam

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that as per to Occam's razor, the excellent theories are: (v) The most logical and complex. (w) Ideal mirrors of each aspect of reality. (x) Simply proven by using

  • Q : Relative market prices and ratios of

    Jeremy Bentham would have been least familiar along with the concept such that: (1) criminals must be punished proportionally to the harm completed to society, without consideration of intention, remorse or motive. (2) consumers are in equilibrium whe

  • Q : Explain about the good economics models

    Good economic models are: (1) intricate models of all aspects of the actual economy. (2) designed to create economics hard. (3) simplifications of the real world. (4) scientific only when expressed mathematically.

  • Q : Current situation- better off without

    When it is possible to make somebody better off without making anybody worse off, the current condition is: (w) efficient. (x) inefficient. (y) optimal. (z) simply enhanced.

    How can I solve my problem of Economic Efficiency

  • Q : Why is Scarcity existed for human

    Scarcity exists since human desires are: (i) minute relative to the means available to satisfy them. (ii) heavily affected by advertising and wants to “keep up along with the Joneses.” (iii) immoral. (iv) controllable merely through brainw

  • Q : Population increase-Economic Growth I

    I have a problem in economics on Population increase-Economic Growth. Please help me in the following question. The production-possibilities frontier can be shifted external by: (i) Removing unemployment. (ii) Lowering the market prices. (iii) A popul

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