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  • Q : Excessive production as a problem Can

    Can someone help me in finding out the right answer from the given options. Governments which attempt to utilize ‘needs’ or ‘equality’ as the bases for distributing goods are NOT probable to: (1) Encounter extreme production as a problem. (2) R

  • Q : Example of Productive Efficiency in

    If six units of capital can be substituted for one unit of labor without changing total steel output, whereas 4 units of capital can be substituted for one unit of labor without changing the output of wheat, at that moment: (w) there is an optimal allocation of resour

  • Q : Payments for Resources Incorrect

    Incorrect statements would contain the assertion which payments for: (a) The use of land is termed as land rent. (b) Labor is termed as wages. (c) Services are termed as profits. (d) Capital is termed as interest.

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  • Q : Incentives to create and to use goods

    Please help me to solve the problem of prices which is given below:

    Information regarding incentives to create and to use goods efficiently is imbedded most directly within: (i) Relative prices. (ii) Normative econ

  • Q : Fundamental fact of scarcity I want a

    I want a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that the basic fact of scarcity means that every decision includes: (i) Limitless time. (ii) Production costs. (iii) Restricted wants. (iv) Limitless resources (v)

  • Q : Erroneous analysis LEAST attributable

    The erroneous analysis that economists seldom agree is LEAST attributable to the fact such that economists are: (w) acquire little media coverage while they agree, when disputes about how economic theory must be translated in policy a

  • Q : Crime punishment suggest by Jeremy

    Suggestion of Jeremy Bentham that crime must be punished proportionally to the harm completed to society, but without consideration of intent, remorse or motive.” His proposal would result within more than the optimal amount of crime due to the:

  • Q : Explained economics capital generally

    Where is generally economic capital referred: (1) Money and other financial assets. (2) Machinery, buildings and equipment. (3) Net investment minus depreciation. (4) Corporate bonds and stocks.

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  • Q : Determine desirable items without

    Desirable items without opportunity costs are termed as: (i) free goods. (ii) economic goods. (iii) capital goods. (iv) financial goods. (v) gifts of nature.

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  • Q : Why is Scarcity existed for human

    Scarcity exists since human desires are: (i) minute relative to the means available to satisfy them. (ii) heavily affected by advertising and wants to “keep up along with the Joneses.” (iii) immoral. (iv) controllable merely through brainw

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