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  • Q : Economic equity consideration in

    Economic equity considered as to: (1) financial settlements of court cases. (2) the balance of national trade. (3) questions of the fairness of several economic arrangement. (4) passing hidden costs upon to consumers. (5) the gross value of any stocks

  • Q : Illustrates the problem of Productive

    At present, at Bob's Candle shop, Arjuna and Krishna share the jobs of making molds and making candles. Nonetheless, while Arjuna is best at making molds and Krishna is much better at creating the candles, then: (a) Bob’s shop is experiencing allocative although

  • Q : Break-even price what is the break-even

    what is the break-even price in economics?

  • Q : Wealth of nation according to Adam Smith

    Adam Smith asserted that a wealth of nation is not gold, although is as an alternative the: (w) wisdom of its government. (x) goods and resources its people control. (y) new physical territory this conquers. (z) military power this co

  • Q : Explain about the payments to

    The payments to entrepreneurs are the: (i) interest earned by saving money and managing main corporations. (ii) rental payments by extensive land holdings. (iii) profits occurrence from bearing uncertainty and risk, innovating new goods and technologi

  • Q : Opportunity cost of buying a new car I

    I need a good answer upon the topic of opportunity cost problems.

    What is the opportunity cost of buying a new car: (i) last dollar price one pays for this. (ii) Value of the old car traded within. (iii) Sticker pr

  • Q : Human happiness in an economic problems

    Can someone help me along with best solution about problem of economic that anything which adds to human happiness is an economic: (1) factor of production, (2) good, (3) commodity, (4) resource and (5) product? How can I solve my economics problems w

  • Q : Argument for infant industries to

    The argument for infant industries must be protected through competition through established foreign industries was first advanced through: (1) Richard List. (2) Gustav Schmoller. (3) David Ricardo. (4) Alexander Hamilton. (5) Thomas Robert Malthus. (6) early mercanti

  • Q : Determine when a good is scarce A good

    A good is scarce when: (1) individuals are willing to pay a positive price for more of this. (2) this is socially but not individually beneficial. (3) individuals are willing to pay to have this not produced. (4) more is obtainable at

  • Q : Problem on Capitalism economies I have

    I have a problem in economics on Problem on Capitalism economies. Please help me in the following question. Economies primarily based on private resource ownership and decentralized decision making are: (i) Communistic economies. (ii) Fascist economie

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