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  • Q : Why are Land Land, labor, and capital

    Land, labor, and capital are all scarce since: (w) human wants are restricted. (x) less is obtainable than people want. (y) each productive resource needs a monetary return for its use. (z) once employed they cannot be used again.

    Q : Illustrations of economic bads included

    How can determine where would be illustrations of economic “bads” included. Please suggest me the accurate answer: (i) loud stereo systems,. (ii) beautiful sunsets caused through high levels of air pollution, (iii) golf courses built upon abandoned garbage

  • Q : Illustrate an economics problem of

    Assume that Michael Jordan purchases the New Jersey Nets basketball franchise and, expecting an explosion of sales at his car dealerships, he instructs two hundred new extra Toyotas. By an economic perspective, his buy of the Nets franchise is: (w) smart marketing str

  • Q : Entry-exit of competitive firms in long

    When a typical firm in a perfectly competitive industry is earning profits, in that case: w) all firms will carry on earning profits. x) new firms will enter into the long run causing market supply to reduce, market price to rise and

  • Q : Problem of Economic Policies and

    Hello guys I want your opinion. Please recommend your view for given Economic Policies and Normative Economics problems.

    Disagreements in between economists about economic policies most commonly occur from differences within their:

  • Q : Assertion of a normative statement

    How can I solve my economics problems? Please suggest me the right answer for an illustration of a normative statement, would be the assertion which: (w) bald men are intelligent. (x) balding advances along with age. (y) bald men must wear toupees. (z) strength and hi

  • Q : Explained economics capital generally

    Where is generally economic capital referred: (1) Money and other financial assets. (2) Machinery, buildings and equipment. (3) Net investment minus depreciation. (4) Corporate bonds and stocks.

    Can anybody suggest

  • Q : Problem regarding the distributive

    Ted and Willy are eating lunch. Ted has a Snowball and Willy a Ding Dong for dessert. Strongly prefer both Ding Dongs. A required trade of Willy's Ding-Dong for Ted's Snowball would be likely to enhance: (w) distributive efficiency as Fred is better off. (x) allocativ

  • Q : Charecteristics of market efficiency

    Explain the characteristics of market efficiency?

  • Q : Prohibition in illustrations of

    Illustrations of normative statements would not comprise assertions which: (1) premeditated murderers deserve the death penalty. (2) Leonardo DiCaprio is a terrible actor. (3) AIDS and HIV are transmitted through sexual contact. (4) women must be paid