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  • Q : Define smog as in Bads economics problem

    Smog is: (w) a good since this gives the air texture. (x) a bad because most people would pay to find rid of this. (y) a free good since you could consume all you desire without having to pay for this. (z) an inefficient utilization of resources.

    Q : Assertion of a normative statement

    How can I solve my economics problems? Please suggest me the right answer for an illustration of a normative statement, would be the assertion which: (w) bald men are intelligent. (x) balding advances along with age. (y) bald men must wear toupees. (z) strength and hi

  • Q : Defining the term Money in Economic I

    I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give me your suggestion that how is defining Money a form of: (i) basic economic resource. (ii) the capital stock., (iii) financial capital. and (iv) precious metal.

    Q : Quantity theory of money David Hume and

    David Hume and John Locke summarized an early version of: (1) the circular flow of income. (2) the permanent income hypothesis. (3) the quantity theory of money. (4) the marginal disutility of poverty. (5) the backward-bending supply

  • Q : Explain the normative economic analysis

    Normative economic analysis: (w) involves only non-quantitative measures. (x) gives precise predictions of economic effects. (y) emphasizes a social science approach to problems. (z) is based upon value judgments.

  • Q : Changes in relative prices make

    Changes in relative prices make easy allocative efficiency through operating like a rationing mechanism while: (i) Ken and Barbie postpone their wedding since they both lost their jobs throughout a recession. (ii) Political instabilit

  • Q : Ownership of major non-labor resources

    I have a problem in economics on Ownership of major non-labor resources. Please help me in the following question. Government ownership of main non-labor resources is the characteristic of: (1) Capitalism. (2) Decentralization. (3) Anarchism. (4) Soci

  • Q : Payments to entrepreneurs in

    The payments to entrepreneurs are called as: (i) Profits increasing from bearing risk and uncertainty, innovating new products and organizing production as well as processes. (ii) Rental payments by extensive land holdings. (iii) Interest through loaning money. (iv) I

  • Q : Consequence of the increased

    People would be least probable to be happier like a consequence of the increased accessibility of: (1) free goods. (2) economic resources. (3) superior technologies. (4) economic goods. (5) economic bads.

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  • Q : Dealing of technical efficiency in

    Technical efficiency deals along with problems of: (w) Maximizing the value of production. (x) Curing inequity. (y) Concentrating wealth more totally. (z) Redistribution from rich to poor.

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