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   Related Questions in Public Economics

  • Q : Illustrations of economic bads included

    How can determine where would be illustrations of economic “bads” included. Please suggest me the accurate answer: (i) loud stereo systems,. (ii) beautiful sunsets caused through high levels of air pollution, (iii) golf courses built upon abandoned garbage

  • Q : Democratic governments exercise partial

    The democratic governments exercise partial control on markets primarily through: (1) Marketing resources it owns. (2) Intimidation. (3) Negotiation. (4) Taxes and regulations.

    Can someone please help me in finding

  • Q : Example of wasted water in inefficiency

    Why do people usually assume that water run on sidewalks and within the street while they water their lawns? Is that wasted water a symbol of inefficiency?

  • Q : Occurrence of good or service scarce in

    A good or service is scarce when people: (w) would benefit from its reduction. (x) wish more than the amounts freely obtainable. (y) cannot enjoy this simultaneously. (z) can freely consume all they want.

    Q : What would be contained in fundamental

    Fundamental economic questions consist of: (w) what, for whom and how. (x) where, how and when. (y) when, how and what. (z) how many, how much and what color,.

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem o

  • Q : When is an economic theory a positive

    Economic theory is a positive science only to the extent which this yields: (i) scientifically testable predictions. (ii) moral answers to ethical disputes. (iii) absolutely exact descriptions of how the world works. (iv) optimistic, quite than pessim

  • Q : Define the normative economics in

    Hello guys I want your opinion. Please suggest your answer for following Normative-economics problem.

    Normative economics: (i) based upon value judgments. (ii) involves statements which are either right or wrong. (

  • Q : Explain about the positive technical

    Positive technical statements: (w) need value judgments. (x) should be valid by definition. (y) can be proved and tested or disproved by fact and logic. (z) are the excellent guides in specifying economic policies.

  • Q : Explained economics capital generally

    Where is generally economic capital referred: (1) Money and other financial assets. (2) Machinery, buildings and equipment. (3) Net investment minus depreciation. (4) Corporate bonds and stocks.

    Can anybody suggest

  • Q : Law of diminishing returns The idea

    The idea that costs ultimately grow faster than output if output is expanded obeys logically from the law of: (i) Increasing expectations. (ii) Raising returns to scale. (iii) Diminishing returns. (iv) Demand and supply. (v) Rational effects.

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