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  • Q : Define the positive economics Please

    Please guys help me to solve out this problem that positive economics, which: (w) is accepted like true through all economists. (x) is less technical than normative economics. (y) involves statements which, when false, could be proven false. (z) addre

  • Q : Illustrate the free goods in economic

    Hey friends please give your opinion for the problem of free goods in Economic that is given below:

    The entire given are free goods EXCEPT the enjoyment people derive from as in below: (w) rain which waters our law

  • Q : Majority worse off and minority better

    When an economic change makes a huge majority of the population worse off and a minute minority better off, the alteration is: (w) good for society because it made some people better off. (x) bad for society since only a few people ar

  • Q : Maximization of complete value of

    Maximization of the complete value of output from a fixed amount of resources gives in: (i) Opportunity cost. (ii) Economic efficiency. (iii) Potential profitability. (iv) Comparative benefit. (v) Scarcity.

    How can I solve my

  • Q : Example of Relative Price Suppose a

    Suppose a deluxe hamburger is $5, an Oreo blizzard is $3, and a soda is $1. Then the relative price of the hamburger is: (a) 1.6 blizzards. (b) four sodas and half of a blizzard. (c) two blizzards. (d) a blizzard and one soda.

    Q : When recently develope theory least

    Recently developed theory is least probable to evolve in common sense when this fails to: (i) conform to the principle of Occam’s razor. (ii) be consistent along with extensively-accepted previous theories. (iii) have realistic assumptions. (iv) accurately descr

  • Q : Describe an illustration of Positive

    Predicting a fall within the national unemployment rate along with a new untested economic model is an illustration of: (1) positive economic analysis. (2) normative economic analysis. (3) a microeconomic prediction. (4) predictability no better than a call to the psy

  • Q : Mixed economy of a market system

    Whenever compared to a mixed economy which relies primarily on the market system, the society which relies relatively greatly on brute force, queuing, and arbitrary selection tends to experience: (1) Powerful reducing returns. (2) Opportunity costs to drop. (3) Fast t

  • Q : Assignments I want it tomorrow night or

    I want it tomorrow night or before, please.

  • Q : Closest to a Free Good in economic What

    What would be the closest to a "free good" in economic terms: (i) Local telephone directory assistance, (ii) Air conditioning thrown in when you buy a new car, (iii) Drinking water and (iv) Breathable air of the current atmospheric quality?

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