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   Related Questions in Public Economics

  • Q : Moral dimensions of social decisions in

    Positive economics is LEAST related with the: (w) allocation of economic resources. (x) conflict of obtainable resources and societal needs. (y) mechanisms by that resources are used to satisfy societal requirements. (z) moral dimensions of social dec

  • Q : Define the behave of standard economic

    Standard economic theory supposes that individuals behave: (w) along with charity towards others while they are particularly moral. (x) irrationally while they are in large groups. (y) like home economists when they are Homo sapiens. (z) purposefully

  • Q : Explain economics as the study of

    Economics is generally explained as the study of how societies and individuals: (1) make options about work and the division of labor, (2) try to maximize their financial wealth and incomes, (3) answer the fundamental economic questions of "Why, Where, and When", (4)

  • Q : Human choices and consequences in

    Economics as like a Science is most relates with: (a) human consequences and their choices. (b) mathematical formulas to compute profit. (c) how government agencies price services and goods. (d) wealth accumulated through private ente

  • Q : Lifelong objectives with utilitarian

    To be everlastingly part of an association where utilitarian principles were discussed was between the lifelong objectives of: (w) Jeremy Bentham. (x) Robert Owen. (y) Saint Simon. (z) John Stuart Mill

    Can someone

  • Q : Where is all economic resources fall

    Can anybody advise me the explanation for specified problem regarding where is all the economic resources fall within the categories: (i) Infinite, free, energy, or knowledge. (ii) land, labor, capital, or entrepreneurship. (iii) consumption, saving,

  • Q : Condition to being a free good Which of

    Which of the given probably comes closest to make a free good: (1) Unexpected warmth through the sun within Chicago in January. (2) A hot school lunch given for a needy student. (3) A microwave pizza bought along with food stamps. (4) Income earned th

  • Q : Market adjustments within equilibrium

    When the soybean market is originally into equilibrium, on S0D0, raises in the wages of farm workers will cause change(s) to: (w) S1D0.(x) S0D1. (y) S2D2.  (z

  • Q : Nomadic cultures replacement by

    In words of Adam Smith, overview of human history, that asserted nomadic cultures are inevitably replaced with agricultural communities and which with such change comes: (w) raised education for minors. (x) women’s freedom. (y) more stable food

  • Q : Basic economic questions NOT included

    The three basic economic questions do NOT include: (w) What?, (x) For whom?, (y) Where? and (z) How?

    Can someone explain me with about above problem of fundamental economic concept...

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