Henry Fayol's Contribution

Henry Fayol was a major contributor to administrative management approach. Henry Fayal, a French industrialist, has been regarded as the real father of modern management. He was a mining engineer and worked at all positions to the managing director in a coal mining company. He reduced his ideas based on practical experiences in his book, 'Administration Industrially at General' published in 1916 in French language. It was translated in English only in 1929 but was made public in the U.S.A only in 1949. Fayal looked at the problem of managing with the management point of view and not with the workers point of view, as was done by Taylor. Fayal divided the activities of an industry into six groups i.e. technical, commercial, financial, security, accounting and managerial. These activities are common to all organizations, whether big or small. He devoted his book only to the sixth activity i.e., managing.

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