Active Server Pages

Briefly describe how Active Server Pages work. How, when, and where they are used.

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  • Q : What is Hash code Hash code : It is a

    Hash code: It is a value returned by a hash function. A hash code can be employed as an index into a random-access data structure, offering a proficient mapping between an object and its position. Employed by classes like HashMap.

  • Q : What is Shallow copy Shallow copy : It

    Shallow copy: It is a copy of an object in which copies of each and every object's sub-components are not as well made. For example, a shallow copy of an array of objects would outcome in two separate array objects, each having references to similar s

  • Q : Alice 2.2 bucking bronc How do i create

    How do i create the bucking bronco in alice 2.2

  • Q : Explain Enumerated type Enumerated type

    Enumerated type: A data type-not directly accessible in Java - in which symbolic names are employed for a series of constant numeric values. They facilitate the evading of magic numbers. They can be simulated in the Java with fields i

  • Q : What is Bounded repetition Bounded

    Bounded repetition: The Repetition where statements within a loop's body are executed a fixed number of times and the number of times is established whenever the loop began. There is no control structure in Java which guarantees the bounded repetition

  • Q : Overloading and overriding in the

    Illustrate the difference between overloading and overriding in the programming language?

  • Q : Explain the role XSL that dynamically

    Explain the role which XSL can play while dynamically generating HTML pages by a relational database?

  • Q : Define the term New operator Define the

    Define the term New operator: The operator employed to generate instances {instance} of a class.

  • Q : Define the term Top level class Define

    Define the term Top level class: It is a class defined either at outermost level of a package or the static nested class.

  • Q : How can Corba application has call back

    Describe how can Corba application has call back?

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