Active Server Pages

Briefly describe how Active Server Pages work. How, when, and where they are used.

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    In CORBA, what are i) an ORB ii) an IOR iii) a servant iv) a POA and v) a POA manager?

  • Q : What is Bounded repetition Bounded

    Bounded repetition: The Repetition where statements within a loop's body are executed a fixed number of times and the number of times is established whenever the loop began. There is no control structure in Java which guarantees the bounded repetition

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    I need urgent help in Examples of Threading in Java

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    Explain various options available in order to determine the group ID of new file?

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    Explain the CPU scheduling decisions.

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    Define the term Base case: It is a non-recursive route via a recursive method.

  • Q : Define Heap Abstractions Heap

    Heap Abstractions: The class abstractions that we discussed above are obtained by abstracting each field of base type. The number of instances of that particular class still needs to be bounded; this results in an under-approximation that is still use

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    Write two programs to calculate the summation of 1 to some integer n using a function called

    int summation(int n)

    a) Using a non recursive solution, with a for(i=1, i<=n; i++) loop and b) using a recursive solution, based on the following conditions summation(n) = summation(n-1

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    Instance variable: It is a non-static field of a class. Each and every individual object of a class has its own copy of this field. This is in contrary to a class variable that is shared by all instances of class. Instance variables are employed to mo

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    Explain the computer thread.

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