Active Server Pages

Briefly describe how Active Server Pages work. How, when, and where they are used.

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    Define the term Trusted applet: It is an applet with additional privileges than an ordinary (that is, untrusted) applet.

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    Limit the Use of Pre-processor Directives: The C pre-processor is powerful, but unrestricted use of it can lead to code that is hard to understand and analyze. Limit its use to inclusion of header files and simple macro definitions. Avoid features suc

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    Real number: It is a number with an integer and a fractional portion. The primitive types double and float are employed to symbolize real numbers.

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    Assignment 5

    Selecting Array Elements Implement the following C++ code in assembly language, using the block-structured .IF and .WHILE directives. Assume that all variables are 32-bit signed integers: int array[] = {10,60,20,33,72,89,45,65,72,18}; int sample = 50;

    intArraySize = s

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    Q. 1 Explain number of issues which are faced while porting a c pre processor in java. These issues always have the probability that the code will show errors while trying to execute the code in java. 

    Q.2 : Software Requirement Specification or Requirements for the studen

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    How class and a structure are different?

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    State the term non-XML resources?

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    What do you mean by the term set up time and hold time constraints? Explain what do they mean? Which one is vital for estimating the maximum clock frequency of the circuit?

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    Explain a finite state machine which will detect three consecutive coins tosses of one coin which results in heads?

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    Write down some of the benefits of the event-delegation model over event-inheritance model?