Active Server Pages

Briefly describe how Active Server Pages work. How, when, and where they are used.

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  • Q : How is an external entity reference

    While constructing an XML DTD, how do you make an external entity reference within an attribute value?

  • Q : What is an Unchecked exception

    Unchecked exception: An exception for which it is not needed to give a local try statement or to propagate through a throws clause stated in the method header. An exception which is not handled will cause program annihilation when it is thrown.

  • Q : Explain Abstraction Abstraction : It is

    Abstraction: It is a simplified symbolization of something which is potentially quite complex. It is frequently not essential to know the precise details of how something works, is symbolized or is implemented, since we can still make use of it in its

  • Q : What is UNIX Explain, what is UNIX?

    Explain, what is UNIX?

  • Q : Interface accessibility modifier Inside

    Inside the interface accessibility modifier we can use for methods?

  • Q : Illustrates database connection pooling

    Illustrates database connection pooling which is relative to MTS.

    Answer: This permits MTS to reuse database connections. Pooling of database connections are put to

  • Q : Define Indirect recursion Indirect

    Indirect recursion: Recursion which outcomes from method Y calling method X, whenever an existing call from X to Y is still in development or progress.

  • Q : Explain the way to handle the mapping

    Explain the way to handle the mapping form.

  • Q : Data structure appears in a COBOL

    The following data structure appears in a COBOL program used by a bureau de change:
        05 AMOUNT-REQUIRED PIC999V99.
        88 SUCCESS VALUE 1.
    01 C

  • Q : Explain Global variable Global variable

    Global variable: It is a phenomenon which is more generally regarded as being a trouble in structured programming languages than in object-oriented languages. In structured programming language, like C or Pascal, a global variable is one stated outsid

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