Active Server Pages

Briefly describe how Active Server Pages work. How, when, and where they are used.

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  • Q : Explain Call-by-value Call-by-value:

    Call-by-value: The semantics of passing an argument to a method in which a copy of actual argument value is taken and positioned in a separate memory location, symbolized by the corresponding formal argument. As an outcome, assignment to the formal ar

  • Q : Describe Unnamed package Unnamed

    Unnamed package: All classes defined in the files without a package declaration are placed in an unnamed package.

  • Q : Virtual memory used in Windows

    Explain why the virtual memory is to be used in Windows architecture?

  • Q : Define Inconsistent state Inconsistent

    Inconsistent state: A state which an object must not be in. A class requires to be carefully designed in order to make sure that none of its examples can get into a conflicting state. An illustration of an inconsistent state may be a football team wit

  • Q : Ways to select HTML Tag Instances

    Explain the different ways in order to select the HTML Tag Instances.

  • Q : Describe object-oriented programming

    Briefly describe object-oriented programming (OOP)?

  • Q : Installation of Symbian SIS file to

    I am not capable to install Symbian SIS file to Symbian OS v.9.x tool? What must I do?

  • Q : Define Bounds Bounds : It is the limits

    Bounds: It is the limits of an array or collection. In Java, the lower limit is for all time zero (0). In case of an array, the upper bound is one less than the length of the array, and is fixed. Indexing exterior the bounds of an array or collection

  • Q : CPU programming When a process enters

    When a process enters the CPU, your program must now "fork"and "exe" a stand alone child process. You MUST use "glxgears" for the child process.
    When a context switch occurs

  • Q : What is u-area Explain what is meant by

    Explain what is meant by the term u-area (user area)?