Acquisition Entry and Consolidation Working Paper On January 31, 2014, Phoenix, Inc. acquired all of the outstanding common stock of Spark Corporation for $400 million cash plus 25 million shares of Phoenix' $10 par value common stock having a market value of $90 per share. Registration fees were $5 million and merger-related consultant and legal fees were $8 million, paid in cash. Immediately prior to the acquisition, the trial balances of the two companies were

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  • Q : Relative and absolute purchasing power

    Explain about the purchasing power parity, both the relative and absolute versions. List the things which results in the deviations from purchasing power parity?

  • Q : Modeling Cases DRAFT TV COMMERCIALS

    Source: O'Conner, G. C., T.R. Willemain, and J. MacLachlau, 1996. "The value of competition among agencies in developing ad compaigns: Revisiting Gross's model." Journal of Advertising 25:51-63.

    Modeling Cases

  • Q : Characteristics of international and

    Explain characteristics of the international and the domestic banks.

  • Q : Calculation of weighted average cost of

    Calculation of weighted average cost of capital: Under this following steps are undertaken:

    1. Record amount in respect of various long term resources of firm.

    2. Add up the amo

  • Q : Appropriated retained earnings The

    The portion of retained earning that is not available for dividends. To appropriate retained earnings, the company must record the partitioning of retained earnings. The company can use appropriated retained earnings for contingencies or big projects. Appropriating retained earning does not invol

  • Q : Prepare the balance sheet At the end of

    At the end of March, 2006 the balances in the various accounts of TTTTT & Company

    are as follows:

    Rs. in million

    Accounts Balance

    Equity capital 120

    Preference capital 30

    Fixed assets (net) 217

    Reserves and surplus 200


  • Q : Case study of harvesting a tree

    Recently, a friend accused her neighbor of harvesting a tree (sapling of balsam fir, Abies balsamea) from her land without permission. Her neighbor claims that he bought it from a Christmas tree plantation (growing in a clearing down the road).  Your friend says

  • Q : Characteristics of straight fixed-rate

    State the characteristics of the straight fixed-rate bond market instrument.

  • Q : Evaluating the cost of intangible asset

    How to evaluate the cost of intangible asset?

  • Q : Advance methods which are used in banks

    What are the advance methods which are used in banks presently?

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