Acquisition Entry and Consolidation Working Paper On January 31, 2014, Phoenix, Inc. acquired all of the outstanding common stock of Spark Corporation for $400 million cash plus 25 million shares of Phoenix' $10 par value common stock having a market value of $90 per share. Registration fees were $5 million and merger-related consultant and legal fees were $8 million, paid in cash. Immediately prior to the acquisition, the trial balances of the two companies were

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  • Q : Prepare adjusting journal entries The

    The following information for the month of December 20x6, with respect to cash activities, was gathered by Tressa Ltd.’s bookkeeper.

    Cash balance per books, December 1 $ 3,700

    Q : Characteristics of international and

    Explain characteristics of the international and the domestic banks.

  • Q : Future spot exchange rate Describe

    Describe about the conditions under which forward exchange rate may be an unbiased predictor of the future spot exchange rate.

  • Q : Essay-People Dependent on technology


    Science has developed tremendously in past few years and with the development of science many technologies have entered this world. Today everything is being done with the h

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    What is Treasury bills? What did they do?

  • Q : Define Factitious Assets Factitious

    Factitious Assets: When any asset that has no market price which asset is termed as factitious assets. This is illustrated as expenditures of capital expenditure. The main illustration of such factitious assets is: Preliminary expenses, discount on is

  • Q : Prepare the balance sheet At the end of

    At the end of March, 2006 the balances in the various accounts of TTTTT & Company

    are as follows:

    Rs. in million

    Accounts Balance

    Equity capital 120

    Preference capital 30

    Fixed assets (net) 217

    Reserves and surplus 200


  • Q : Effect of shipping costs Assume that

    Assume that pound is being pegged to the gold at 6 pounds per ounce; on the other hand the franc is being pegged to the gold at 12 francs per ounce. Which, of course, states that equilibrium exchange rate must be the two francs per pound? If existing market exchange r

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    List the benefits of investing through the international mutual funds?

  • Q : Abnormal profits Atypically large


    Atypically large proceeds made by an individual or company from commercial activity. An abnormal profit exceeds the normal chance for profit derived from labor costs and capital and considered normal profit. Abnormal profit in a business resides of monopoly and consortium profits.

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