Acquisition Entry and Consolidation Working Paper On January 31, 2014, Phoenix, Inc. acquired all of the outstanding common stock of Spark Corporation for $400 million cash plus 25 million shares of Phoenix' $10 par value common stock having a market value of $90 per share. Registration fees were $5 million and merger-related consultant and legal fees were $8 million, paid in cash. Immediately prior to the acquisition, the trial balances of the two companies were

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  • Q : Capitalize earnings To transfer amounts

    To transfer amounts from retained earnings to contributed capital through stock dividends. The effect is to decrease retained earning and increase the stock account. Stock dividends also permanently retain the earnings in the corporation by moving it out of the retain

  • Q : History of Holding Period Describe the

    Describe the History of Holding Period in brief?

  • Q : What is Creditors Equity What is

    What is Creditor's Equity. Also write down its formula.

  • Q : Assessing risk in the workplace

    Describe the primary steps in assessing risk in the workplace with respect to Health and safety, identify and discuss what actions should be taken to manage or wipe out the risks posed?

  • Q : Imports and exports of U.S Give some

    Give some remark over the given statement: “As imports of the U.S. is more than its exports, it is essential for U.S. to import the capital from foreign countries in order to finance its current account deficits.”

  • Q : Cause why relationships tend to come

    Identify and briefly explain the patterns in terms of how relationships tend to come apart (not together) or deteriorate. Use a real or hypothetical illustration to describe each of such phases.

  • Q : Calculate the PV You expect the price

    You expect the price of the stock 3 years from now to be $119.04 (i.e., you expect P ˆ   3  ?? = $119.04). Discounted at a 10% rate, what is the present value of this expected future stock price? In other words, calculate the PV of $119.04.&nb

  • Q : Shadow balance Define the terms shadow

    Define the terms shadow balance?

  • Q : European term bid-ask quotes Restate

    Restate following one-, three-, and six-month outright forward European term bid-ask quotes in forward points.

    Spot               1.3431-1.3436

    Q : Abnormal profits Atypically large


    Atypically large proceeds made by an individual or company from commercial activity. An abnormal profit exceeds the normal chance for profit derived from labor costs and capital and considered normal profit. Abnormal profit in a business resides of monopoly and consortium profits.

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