Acquisition Entry and Consolidation Working Paper On January 31, 2014, Phoenix, Inc. acquired all of the outstanding common stock of Spark Corporation for $400 million cash plus 25 million shares of Phoenix' $10 par value common stock having a market value of $90 per share. Registration fees were $5 million and merger-related consultant and legal fees were $8 million, paid in cash. Immediately prior to the acquisition, the trial balances of the two companies were

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    Write down the merits of Budgetary Control?

  • Q : Prepare the journal entry to record the

    On December 31, 20x1, the Kat Co. purchase a group of four assets for a total cost of $1,000,000. An independent appraiser assesses the fair value of each asset asfollows: Asset Fair Value Land $350,000 Building 600,000 Equipment 200,000 Fixtures 150,000 Prepare the journal entry t

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    Explain how the Eurocurrency is formed.

  • Q : Cost accountant With Black

    Black Manufacturing Company

    Black Manufacturing produced a single product called the Great Beast. During the past three weeks, Lee High, the new cost accountant, had observed that production efficiency and input pr

  • Q : Re-measurement and translation

    Explain the re-measurement and translation procedure in FASB 52 of translating to the reporting currency the books of the entirely owned affiliate which maintains its books in local currency of country in which it operates, that is different from its functional curren

  • Q : Case study of harvesting a tree

    Recently, a friend accused her neighbor of harvesting a tree (sapling of balsam fir, Abies balsamea) from her land without permission. Her neighbor claims that he bought it from a Christmas tree plantation (growing in a clearing down the road).  Your friend says

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    Your task is to produce a Java program, which can calculate income tax and investment growth based on the yearly income/salary of an individual. Below the details are descr

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    What are Liability and Assets in Accounting equation. Also describe it with the help of formula.

  • Q : Case study of Drug free at Monochem

    Read the case study entitled ‘Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free at Monochem, Inc. and answer the following questions.

    1) Suppose John has developed the ethical codes for the company with an objective of creating a d

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