Within a graph along with output on the horizontal axis and whole revenue on the vertical axis, determine the shape of the total revenue curve for a perfectly competitive seller: w) U-shaped. x) inverted U-shaped. y) a horizontal line. z) a ray from the origin.

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  • Q : Economists statement for sales to a

    When Serena Williams, Cindy Crawford, Hillary Clinton, Katy Couric, Jennifer Lopez, and Ashanti all start wearing Wal-Mart jeans at public appearances, economists would explain any resultant raise in Wal-Mart’s jean sales to the change in: (1) Expectations regar

  • Q : Resource of supply curve The resource

    The resource probably to conform to the supply curve demonstrated in this figure would be: (1) housing. (2) capital. (3) labor. (4) land. (5) entrepreneurship.

    Q : Determinants of demand affect the price

    For a particular product how do the determinants of demand affect the price?

  • Q : Engage market power in price

    If this is possible, firms along with market power engage in price discrimination to: (i) defy civil rights legislation. (ii) help consumers. (iii) help the community. (iv) increase their profits. (v) reduce production costs.

  • Q : Lowest possible price in transaction

    Is the assertion such that "Everyone all the time buys everything at the lowest possible price" right? Have you paid more than you had to for any good yet, after permitting for all transaction costs?

  • Q : Occurrence of lower bond prices Lower

    Lower bond prices arise simultaneously while there are increases into: (1) optimism among investors in economic capital. (2) government budget surpluses. (3) the rates of saving by households. (4) the liquidity of all financial assets. (5) interest ra

  • Q : Labor Unions-Sitdown Strikes Whenever

    Whenever unions and managers have failed to arrive at a collective bargaining agreement and workers reject to leave the production facility owned by firm, the union’s strategy is termed as: (i) Boycott or an embargo. (ii) Management lock-out. (i

  • Q : Goals of the Firm-Profit Maximization

    The supposition that firms try to maximize the profits: (i) Is the beginning point for most of the economic analyses of how firms function. (ii) Can be wrong for the cases in which the professional corporate managers maximize their own self interests rather than the i

  • Q : Financial Intermediation Financial

    Financial intermediation occurs while financial institutions: (w) incur substantial outflows of funds. (x) channel flows from the ultimate lenders to the ultimate borrowers. (y) face rigid reserve requirement ratios. (z) experience "runs" when deposit

  • Q : Illustration of Substitution Effect

    Sally is very rich that money hardly matters to her, although when the price of JIF chunky peanut butter doubled Sally switched to Peter Pan chunky peanut butter. This alters is an example of the: (1) Income effect. (2) Payback effect. (3) Substitution effect. (4) Pri

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