Within a graph along with output on the horizontal axis and whole revenue on the vertical axis, determine the shape of the total revenue curve for a perfectly competitive seller: w) U-shaped. x) inverted U-shaped. y) a horizontal line. z) a ray from the origin.

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  • Q : Demand curve facing each firm Question:


    (1) Suppose the jeans industry is an oligopoly in which each firm sells its own distinctive brand of jeans, and each firm believes its rivals will not follow its price increases but will

  • Q : Economic profit generating purely

    In this illustrated figure in below the only purely competitive firm currently generating economic profit is in: (w) Firm A. (x) Firm B. (y) Firm C. (z) Firm D.

    Q : Problem on market boundaries The

    The market’s boundaries are stated by: (i) Legislation. (ii) The number of sellers and buyers in the market. (iii) The ease of trading among sellers and buyers. (iv) Geographical borders.

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  • Q : Oligopoly and the law An illegal

    An illegal practice from an oligopolistic firm would be: (w) price leadership. (x) direct price collusion with rivals. (y) non-price competition. (z) mutual interdependence in price and output decisions.

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  • Q : Changing in strategy and behaviour

    Within the kinked demand curve model, when one firm: (1) advertises better quality, its rivals will do nothing. (2) raises its price, its rivals will also increase prices. (3) increases its output level, when its rivals will do nothing. (4) lowers its

  • Q : Institutes a legal price floor in

    Assume that recent advances within agricultural technology resulted into the U.S. wheat market being at a first equilibrium upon S0D0. Farmers complain which gluts within the wheat market have depressed their incomes, endangering the family farm.

  • Q : Consuming a grouping of goods problem A

    A household utmost it’s utility by consuming a grouping of goods which exhausts income when, for each and every good, the: (i) Marginal utilities are equivalent. (ii) Prices are equivalent. (iii) Ratios of marginal utility or price are equivalen

  • Q : Technology in supply I have a problem

    I have a problem in economics on Technology in supply. Please help me in the following question. The bumper corn crop caused by the good weather would symbolize a raise in: (i) supply. (ii) Consumer’s tastes for corn. (iii) Demand. (iv) The price of corn.


  • Q : Problem regarding to demography of

    Onto average, African-Americans into the U.S., when compared to whites: (1) earn lower incomes. (2) have less education. (3) experience higher rates of unemployment. (4) are less likely to be capable to retire on Social Security. (5) All of the above.

    Q : Monopsonist in the labor market I have

    I have a problem in economics on Monopsonist in the labor market. Please help me in the following question. The monopsonist in labor market faces the: (1) Market demand for the labor. (2) Household’s demand for the labor. (3) Household’s s