Within a graph along with output on the horizontal axis and whole revenue on the vertical axis, determine the shape of the total revenue curve for a perfectly competitive seller: w) U-shaped. x) inverted U-shaped. y) a horizontal line. z) a ray from the origin.

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  • Q : Revenue receipts treated as legally

    Which kind of revenue receipts are considered as legally compulsory payment imposed on people by the government? Give illustration also.

    Answer: Taxes imposed on th

  • Q : Monopsonistic Exploitation-Wage

    Whenever a firm's wage structure imitates the keenness of individual employees to work, terms which are most applicable comprise: (1) Monopsonistic exploitation and the wage discrimination. (2) Monopolistic exploitation and the separation of control and ownership. (3)

  • Q : Marginal social costs exceed the

    When governments compelled pharmaceutical producers to manufacture and sell at least Q3 penicillin, in that case the: (1) purely-competitive firms which produced penicillin would experience persistent economic profits. (2) resulting inadequate antibiotic tr

  • Q : Price discriminate by unregulated

    Unregulated monopolistic firms which do not price discriminate do NOT: (i) have power as price makers. (ii) dominate the supply side of the market. (iii) select profit maximizing price/quantity combinations from the market demand curv

  • Q : Price signalling reallocations in use

    An illustration of prices signalling desirable reallocations would happen while rising product demand leads to rising: (w) levels of investment during the economy. (x) employment of resources producing such good. (y) shifts of resources within other outputs. (z) quick

  • Q : Average variable cost curve of firm Can

    Can someone specify correct answer of the given query of demonstrated figure in below that curve J is that cranberry of: (w) industry’s supply curve. (x) firm’s demand curve. (y) firm’s average variable cost curve. (z) firm’s short-run supply c

  • Q : Shifts in the Demand Curve What are the

    What are the conditions that shifts the Demand Curve?

  • Q : Workers volunteered to work in purely

    Even though workers volunteered to work as "for free", such purely competitive firm would never hire more than: (i) L2 workers. (ii) L3 workers. (iii) L4 workers. (iv) L5 workers. (v) L6 workers.<

  • Q : Charge price similar to marginal cost

    When a profit-maximizing monopolist who does not price discriminate charges a price equal to its marginal cost, this will: (w) minimize average cost and generate zero economic profit. (x) minimize average cost and gen

  • Q : Find price elasticity of demand for

    Suppose yearly steel sales double to 80 million tons while the price falls $40 per ton, to $180 per ton. Therefore price elasticity of demand for steel is approximately: (w) 3.333. (x) 10.000. (y) 2.500. (z) 6.667.

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