What Qualities of Smart students make them topper ?

How to be at top in your class....??

I have come across so many questions on the internet forums some of the often asked are how can we raise our grades by studying less. In response I had supplied links to various posts which I have written.

But most people tend to overlook the related links at the end of page. In the process, they tend to get some half-baked information on the various ways to study.

So today’s post will help you to understand the concept of smart studying.

Listen to your teacher

The essential quality of a smart student is he is a good listener to a teacher. Whenever you are in a class and the lecture I going on you have to listen it carefully and try to understand the subject in an easy way so that it can be remembered to you up to a long time and can help you to increase your grades.  Whenever a teacher stresses on a particular content, chances are that it is going to come for the term paper.

Revision questions

Revisions questions are the very important questions which are given by teacher try to emphasize more on the revision questions. But do make an effort to precisely note down all the questions. The revision questions have the highest chance of appearing on your question paper.

Preparation of notes by our own:

The problem with most students is that they copy their friend’s notes. This never works. Those are your friend’s notes, and they work for them not for you. So try to make your own notes the advantage of preparing notes by our own will helps us to remember the topic or subject very easily. While preparing notes we can go through each and every sentence by this you can prepare yourself for the examinations easily. You can take assistance from Homework Help services which are available at internet 24x7.

Ask help:

There can be times when you don’t understand things. In that case, never hesitate to approach your teachers. They are there to help you. If in case, a teacher turns you down, then go to the brightest student in the class and ask his/her help. That is why, always be good friends with the naturally bright students.

How to get prepared for an examination:

Studying for an exam can be very, very boring. It creates a lot of tension, anxiety, late nights and sleepless night’s .But is this the only way to get prepared for your examinations? The answer is no. There are actually plenty of strategies to tackle exams but I have listed only those methods which have helped me and can help anybody else. None of them includes late nights or sleepless nights.

Sleep sufficiency:

This is very crucial. You can go on studying without sleep and continue throughout night. But the truth is you can’t remember more comparing to a day study. I would recommend sleeping for nine hours a day although many specialists claim that 8 or 7 are sufficient.For good remembering studies you need good studies. Or else whatever you have learnt you will not remember it properly and whatever hard work you did before examinations all will be drained.

Breaks in between study times

When am discussing about this topic my meaning is different you may think break in the sense sitting in front of the TV and computer for an hour. They best way as many people suggest, is to take short breaks if you have done studies for one hour you must take at least a 10 to 15 minutes of break. The advantage of taking breaks in between study time will help you to increase your remembering ability. Make sure you don’t have to sit down in front of the T.V or computer because it will make you forget everything you have learnt. Instead listen to music, talk to your friends over phone (not social media), and go for a walk, read a book, squeeze in a bit of exercise or just lie down for a while. Everything works other than watching T.V or going online.

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