Things to think about to take complete advantage of online STEM learning


STEM is the short form referring to academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The term is normally used in USA when addressing education policy and curriculum choices in schools from k-12 through college to enhance competitiveness in technology development. It has suggestions for workforce growth, national security concerns and immigration policy

The demand for well-educated students, particularly in the STEM fields is increasing with no signs of slowing down. Still, according to National Math & Science Initiative, 54% of high school graduates are not ready for college math; whereas the amazing 70 percent are not ready for college-level science. A major issue which prevents students from becoming involved in STEM is the lack of access to courses, the content and right teachers they require to do well. Several schools lack resources to completely push STEM to all students. Good news is that students do not require being in a brick-and-mortar school to effectively learn STEM concepts.

Online learning is the vital tool as it provides more students access to STEM education courses and resources which might or else be unavailable to them. Students who do not have access to STEM assistance at their schools can access high-quality courses online. It also serves as the outlet for schools and districts to supplement their STEM offerings that are frequently only offered as electives.

STEM Should Be Hands-On

Studies illustrate that STEM education is most successful when there is the multi-prong approach, comprising coursework, applied activities and career connections. Additionally to quality courses, a good online STEM program will present hands-on opportunities for students to apply what they learn. Online schools with year-round enrolment have more flexible academic calendar, so online educators can better include hands-on experiences, assignments and even internships into curriculum.

Personalized instruction is identified as the priority in STEM education. Teachers with online schools are frequently able to offer more personalized instruction based on student’s requirements. Online format permits teachers to work one-on-one with students in the way which usually is not possible in the traditional school. Students are able to work at their own pace, taking time required to master information, as opposed to moving on to the new topic before they are ready. For instance, the student who is highly motivated and wishes to master Algebra as fast as possible to deal with next level of math doesn’t have to wait for those students who might require taking additional time in mastering concepts.


6 Things to think:

Here are some items to take under thought when looking at online STEM offerings:

Is the program an identified educational institution? Write down recommendation do teachers hold? How many teachers hold graduate or post-graduate degrees? Is school qualified?

What type of approach to STEM does program take? Are students exposed to STEM simply through school courses or are STEM-related extra-curricular clubs and assignment activities available.

Does program need students to apply STEM content knowledge beyond tests? Students must have the opportunity to apply their lesson concepts to create projects.

Is there a focus on interpersonal abilities? The more successful and comprehensive STEM programs motivate problem-solving and interpersonal skills, which aid students, be more adaptable and successful in real world.

Where does computer programming adjust in? Computer science is frequently overlooked as the common denominator in STEM, but FLVS Global School is considering mounting evidence which interest in computer science is the gateway to the broad variety of STEM careers. The understanding of computer science aids connects the dots among science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Results also point to that CP1 students who transition to AP Computer Science (APCS) course have the higher average score and are less probable to withdraw than students who start APCS with no previous programming experience.

The most significant thing for parents and students to keep remember is that selecting online learning is not taking easy way out. In spite of the flexibility they present, online courses frequently need more work than what may be essential in the traditional classroom. Though, when work is involving and connects with students’ individual learning styles, students are less probable to get discouraged, more tending to benefit from what they learn and more probable to stick with STEM.

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