Studying Alone vs Group Study

Studying Alone vs Group Study

Most students find studying hectic and draining. And some even find it annoying as it has hurdles for their play and social time. It's true that studying is very much engaging and commitment. Studying helps us in achieving goals and targets. It determines the profession or field a person can take after completing school. Initially, some individuals may not find any fun studying, but there are long-term benefits if do it properly. And most of all, it helps in shaping our life. Plus, studying helps make an individual better and as the saying goes, Studying serves a lifetime. It builds knows and enhances a person intellectually.


There are various ways a person can learn. Through textbooks and books in the library. Most people prefer the internet, but this is not a good way since there are issues of authenticity. University professors and lecturers say that the best way of learning is through textbooks and presentations. In presentations, there is an exchange of knowledge. And this is very interactive. It keeps persons engaged. The plus point is that the information stays in the person's mind for a long time. Other ways of learning are:

-  Making study notes: writing is the best way of studying. Through writing form, the information stays in the mind for a longer time. And this is very effective.

- Underlining: while recapping or going through the notes, one can highlight the important points. During revision, one can go through the highlighted points and prepare for exams.

-  Flashcards: can be used to learn formulas or definitions. It makes memorising fun and easy.

- Test: this is a great way of reviewing oneself or seeing how much one knows. Tests determine the weaknesses and strengths. Plus, one can discover more through this method.

-    Avoid missing classes: you never know what the teacher or lecturer is going to teach, and maybe it could be something important. Friends and classmates often prove to be less helpful when it comes to recalling actually what was taught in the class so it's better if one is regular.

-   Case Studies: Researchers say that case studies help in visualising theories. It makes the concept realistic and familiar.

-  Go through the syllabus: one can never fail if he or she only studies the curriculum. In fact, it has a lot of potential to save one. And one can also ask the tutor or lecturer for assistance.

-  Drawing: this is inclusive of small charts or images. Professors agree that drawing is a memorising technique.

-  Timetable: this helps in the organisation. One can work according to the time-table and go through different subjects. It enhances learning.

Learning helps a person get familiar with the topics. And different individuals have different ways of learning or studying - some like to study early in the morning and some late into the night. No one has the same way of learning or studying. The knowledge achieved through learning (studying) can be used later on in life to solve complex problems or issues or take up the profession in their preferred area of interest.

Individual Study vs. Group Study

Everyone experiences this situation when the exam is round around the corner. They have the option of individual and group study. Some would prefer individual study while others opt for group studies. Both have its fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

A.    Individual Study-gives the student independence. There's no one to distract, and the student feels more focused and accomplished. The student gets to choose the time and place to study on their terms and conditions. They are their boss; they can pick up the book whenever they feel like and put it down whenever they feel like. There's no compulsion. Moreover, in individual study, students feel his own vibe of peace and success. They get good thoughts.




B.    Group Study -the more, the merrier! Group studies help in taking off the pressure or stress of exams. The group members have different levels of strengths and weakness. It doesn't make one feel out of place. Everyone is regarded as same and to be on the same page. Someone is always there to correct the other. Plus, it's about peer learning. Many students find it comfortable to learn and study with their peers. It's important for persons in group studies to set expectations and work according to it. It increases zeal of learning and is very much encouraging. In group studies, members have been observed to solve problems quickly. There is a support system. It motivates or pushes the members to give their best. Moreover, group study is an excellent way to socialise! And it's fun too. Everyone has given their space to express their opinions.


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Both ways of studying - individual and group is a smart way. Groups allow members to share, discuss and combine their resources whereas individually; students may feel more focused. Though, the same can also be said for group studies. The target is the same. Both ways have positive outcomes. Students achieve either way. Everyone has a different strategy when it comes to studying. Some prefer to study in groups when it comes to subjects such as mathematics, chemistry or physics. And some prefer individual study when it comes to English and Literature, Political Science or Biology. We can observe that most prefer group studies when the subject involves numbers. This is may be because problems cannot be solved individually. If one person tries doing so and gets stuck in the middle of it, then it becomes very depressing. It can be said that studying mathematics or physics in groups is a smart way. All the members gain. Doubts are cleared and solving problems become fun and easy. It takes the stress off. The reason why individual study opts for those taking History or Literature is that it's a theoretical subject and answers can be derived through memorising or cramming up certain sentences or points. And this can only be achieved if the person is studying alone.

Overall, both ways are good.

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