Printer with no paper and ink-solves environmental issues

Paper is enormous waste of paper, and ink is huge waste of money. PrePeat printer could be massive waste of money, but at least it does not utilize paper or ink. In its place, special heat sensitive plastic sheets and it utilizes a precision thermal head to print gray scale text and images. Supply sheets through printer again, and different temperature will rub out everything or merely write over it. Do not wash, do not rinse, but feel free to go over up to thousand times with a single sheet of paper.


As a consumer we like the ease and availability which paper gives and we utilize paper for just about everything (napkins, paper towels notebooks, packaging, kitchenware, and we utilize paper to clean ourselves with). Paper tackles lots of our daily requirements but destroys lots of trees and rate of tree consumption is hurting dear planet Earth. PrePeat inkless and paperless printer presents a explanation to environmental issues carried out by regular ink and paper by using printers.

Typically, special legislation is needed; granting the perpetual copyright to specific workPrinting has come long way as computer landed on desktop. First, there were daisy-wheel printers, dot-matrix printers, inkjet and laser printers. Problem with these output devices, of course, is that they need paper- lots of it- and costly consumables, such as toner. Why cannot someone invent the inkless, tonerless printer which permits the operator to reuse paper?

As it turns out, this is not the new idea. Xerox has been working with so called electronic paper as the 1970s. Its most gifted solution is the type of paper called "Gyricon." Gyricon sheet is the thin layer of transparent plastic comprising millions of small oil-filled cavities. Two-colored bead is free to rotate inside each cavity. When the printer applies voltage to a surface of sheet, beads rotate to present one colored side to viewer, presenting the ability to create text or pictures. Images will stay on paper until it is fed through a printer once again.

If you are looking for the eco-friendly printer then PrePeat from Sanwa Newtec perhaps the most environmentally friendly we have seen so far. It needs no ink cartridges or toner and can rub out paper to be used again over and over again.

It administers to do this by adding thermal head to printer and using the special plastic paper called Peat Paper. Paper is white, but can also turn black on the basis of temperature applied to it. So when the clean white sheet of Peat Paper is goes through a printer a thermal head can turn sections of it black so you obtain printed text or documents. Rubbing out the paper merely means putting it through a printer again.

As there is no ink or toner to substitute running costs are going to be least. Every sheet of Peat Paper can be utilized 1,000 times before it requires replacing making them fairly eco-friendly too.

A Japanese company, Sanwa Newtec, is presenting its version of inkless, tonerless and rewritable printing technology. Its product is known as the PrePeat rewritable printer that, like a Xerox solution, needs plastic paper. But PrePeat uses the dissimilar technique to create the image. Each sheet of paper comes embedded with leuco dyes, that change colour with temperature- coloured when cool and clear when hot. PrePeat printer, then, heats and cools paper to first remove the image and then develop new image in its place. According to company, single sheet of paper can be used again 1,000 times before it requires to be replaced.

The cost of a single PrePeat printer is almost $6,000, where as the pack of 1,000 sheets of paper costs more than $3,300. If you are running the printing-intensive business, you might be able to get back your investment over time. But a average PC user probable will not be eager to shell out that type of money to restore the standard printer.

Price for purchasing one of such printers is extremely high, but a little business would rapidly make that money back in savings as if they only utilized this printing system in an office.

Purchasing cartridges and toner is not cheap, and if you require to do a lot of printing then purchasing the fast laser can be many thousands of dollars too. So PrePeat may really be seen as good value to corporate purchasers already. One unknown is how dependable these printers are if they are being utilized all day, every day. They require being on par with business lasers otherwise investment will not be made. Sanwa could absolutely market this as the consumer product too if the cheaper version of printer was presented.

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