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  • Academics Tutoring 9-K-12 Grade Level :- $20/Hr
  • College Grade-Level Tutoring:- $25/Hr
  • Free Trial Available:- $12/Hr
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Subjects Accepted

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Science
  • English
  • Math (Algebra, Calculus, Others)
  • Statistics
  • Accounting, Economics, Finance
  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Programming
Package Name 1Hr ($) 10 Hr($) 25 Hr($) Action
Academics Subjects(k-9 to k-12) $20 $180 $449 Buy
Physics,Chemistry,Biology Grade-K-9-12 $20 $180 $449 Buy
English Tutoring Grade-K-9-12 $20 $180 $449 Buy
Statistics Tutoring Grade-College $25 $230 $579 Buy
Eco/ACC/MGT/FIN Tutoring College Grade $25 $230 $579 Buy

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Advancements in the science and technology have greatly revolutionized every sphere of modern life and communication, and the world of education is no more an exception. The high pace of development in the field of communication brings in the concept of Online Education and Tutoring. More and more students are moving towards Online Tutoring or learning as it is an interactive process where students get chance to work in complete coordination with the qualified and experienced tutors.

TutorsGlobe is an educational institute, committed to provide the world-class education services to individuals via our various education tutoring programs. We offer valuable services to all the students looking for help, that is learning and development oriented from all different streams and ranging from school to college to post graduation students. Our main perception is to offer optimum solution to all education needs and more in one convenient location that will help students to access required information easily and efficiently.

Based on our experience, we have concluded that grasping power of every student is different and the environment in which they get the best of the subject and achieve good grades in the class. Therefore, we at TutorsGlobe, initially analyze the grasping power of the student via former learning sessions and then on the basis of that tutor conducts the class in accordance with that so that the student get the complete benefit of the session. Moreover, the tutor gives his complete attention to the particular student by tutoring him at his/her own pace. Besides, all these our online tutoring service also gives full authority to the student to choose a tutor of his/her own choice so that he get the best out of our services.

Our professional tutor’s team consists of degree (Bachelors, masters and PhD) in different fields of studies which makes us competent to offer online tutoring in almost all fields or subjects. They have years of experience in academic or college level teaching. The fact they can easily jump into any subject to give you help means they’re amongst the best in the business. They are 24X7 available to help you with your all your education needs.

Tools Required to Start Online Tutoring Session
  1. Computer System or Laptop
  2. Microphone and Headset
  3. Broadband Internet Connection
  4. Digital Pen Tablet

Software Required
  1. Install Adobe Flash
  2. Sound Driver

Top Online Virtual Classroom Tools
The fundamental classrooms available in online tutoring program focus on teaching and not on technology as many people think. The tools are very accessible to use and work on almost every operating system. No installation and training charges will be acquired by the online tutoring program. The tabbed browser like interface is recommended and Keyboard shortcuts like MS office are also provided. The only thing that students need to do is to log on to the website and the class gets started at the same moment. Any number of attendants can be invited to the virtual classroom and a single student can get one-to-one online tutoring sessions with efficient sound and visualization.

Whiteboard helps in enhancing interaction (Discover New Learning Possibilities)
The Whiteboard, modern pedagogical tool to facilitate simple yet effective online collaboration. This is a technology used in online tutoring program which provide you the opportunity to carry the entire classroom in your laptop, and can accompany you wherever you go. It can be termed as a one-stop-shop for all the teaching resources. It helps in keeping the student interested and focused on the online teaching process. You can post the leading questions at whiteboard by using the browser like multiple tags, the standard drawing tools and the multilingual support and can write formulas by using the visual cues and arrows which can combine the subject of mathematic with diagrams and pictures. With the whiteboard, lots of extra exciting activities can be undertaken.

Clear and effective communication with text and voice chat
The student and Experts can interact during their online tutoring session by using the effective real time tools for communication. It also helps in giving personalized and focused attention. The chat can be performed in a group as well as on a one-to-one basis. The emoticons and various fonts can be used to make the chat informal, and the topics, contexts and speakers can also be effectively distinguished.

Virtual classroom session for online tutoring
Teach students around the world without travel expenses. A Classroom where you can share the PowerPoint presentations, PDF’s, whiteboard; videos from You Tube and the desktop inside the online classroom software session with or without the remote attendants present. The controls can further be passed on to the attendants so that they can share the desktops or even annotate yours. When you want to have no distractions or transitions while using the different sharing modes, it provides a perfect solution. The files simply live and rest in the cloud.

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