Write programme to find value using Friend Function.

Q. Write a programme to find maximum of two data or value using friend function.


# include < iostream.h >

     # include < conio.h >

    Using name space std;

    Class maximum field


Int data;


// member function declaration

Void get data ();

Void show ();

// member function declaration

Friend void max (Max friend, max friend);


// member function definition

Void max friend : : get data ()


Cout << "\n enter an integer = ";

Cin >> data;


Void max friend : : show ()


Cout << \n \n data :"


// friend function definition

Void max (max friend a, max friend b)


If (a. Data > b. Data)

Cout << " first data" << a. Data << "is greater than" << b. Data;


Cout << "second data" << b. Data << "is greater than" << a. Data;


Int main ()


Max friend num 1, num 2;

num 1. Get data ();

num 2. Get data ();

Max (num 1, num 2);

getch ();

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