Wars that have an impact on Global Economies

The professor wants to narrow it down to one or two wars that have affect global economies.

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    Assume that many people are willing and capable to pay greater than production costs for certain goods however pervasive shortages exist. International agreements or domestic laws and policy are most likely key factors if we consider sustained scarcities in ma

  • Q : What is Flexible exchange rate system

    Flexible (or floating) exchange rate system: This is a system in which exchange rate is found out by forces of demand and supply of the foreign currencies concerned in the foreign exchange market. There is no official interference in the foreign excha

  • Q : System characterization of US economy

    The U.S. economy is an instance of a system characterized by: (1) Mixture of different aspects of various economic systems. (2) Strictly decentralized the decision making process. (3) Centralized ownership of resources. (4) Political decisions regarding all allocative

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    Who was 1970 Nobel Laureate in Economics?

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    Describe which of the following is a visible and which is invisible item in Balance of payments. (a) Export of jute product (b) Software services exports. Answer:

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    Question 1: The financial crisis that hit the United States first and then the world economy starting in fall 2007 meant that the future prospects of many firms looked gloomy at best for some time. Comment on the e

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    what are the techniques of balance of payment?

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    Supply of foreign exchange: (A) By exports of services and goods(B) Direct foreign investment in residence country(C) For approximate purchases by non-residents in the home country(D) Remittances

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    State the two sources of demand of foreign exchange: Import of services and goods and to acquire education in abroad.

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