Subsidiary Functions of management

Subsidiary Functions 

   (1) Communication: In business management ideas objectives instructions suggestions, etc., have to be exchanged among the managerial staff for the purpose of planning, executing or operating the business policies. This exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons is known as communication.   Importance: Communication ultimately leads to a higher level of shared understanding and common intention. Constant communication with personnel helps the management to remain informed of their problems, difficulties and grievances. It is essential for co-operation which is the essence of effective management. Communication helps in securing largest possible participation or consultation in decision-making, planning and general administration. It provides democratic character to managerial process and strengthens the morale of the people.        

   (2)  Decision making: It is the most important function of management. From cradle to grave a manager has to take numerous decisions. Decision making helps in the smooth running of the enterprise.         

   (3) Innovation: This subsidiary function relates to research and development which is essential in this age of competition. All big business houses have started Research and Development. Departments to keep pace with modern technique and up to date demand.        

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