Responsibilities of a Manger

Responsibilities of a Manger

Manager is getting things done through others. He prepares plan, build an organization help and motivate the employees according to plans for purpose of achieving organization goals. Even though, the manger is responsible for non performance of any work. He is answerable to everybody. 

(1) Planning of work: Manager has to identify the works which are necessary to achieve the objectives. Every work should lead to the achievement of objectives. Manager is responsible for planning of work. The reason is that other than the managers have no idea and nobody approach and enquire other than the manager to know the work. 

(2) Proper and effective communication: There must be a free flow of communication within the organization. If there is any hurdle, the hurdle can be find out and removed only by the manager. Communication gap and misunderstanding are also traced out and ensure proper and effective communication. 

(3) Co-ordination of efforts: The efforts of employees have more value than the finance. The finance can be earned through hard work. But if efforts are not properly coordinated all the efforts are in vain. Once again, the efforts cannot be generated and used. Therefore, the manager should prepare the system for proper channelization of efforts.     

(4) Getting co- operation of employees: Different nature of employees is working in an organization. The absence of co- operation among employees leads to poor performance and non- achievement of objectives in time. Hence, the manager is responsible for getting co- operation from employees working under him.    

(5) Encourages a team spirit: the manager is not only guide, the employees but also encourages a team spirit among them. Team spirit is created with the help of using polite words. The manager should know which type of approach creates a team spirit among the employees.    

(6) Better utilization of resources: Resources of any organization is limited one. An organization has more resources on certain items and limited resources on certain items. Here, the manager should measure the available resources and utilize the resources at the maximum. No resources will be wasted at any cost.   

(7) Selecting the procedure:     top management executives frame the policy and goals of an organization. But, the way of achieving the objectives cannot be decided by the top management people. There are many ways available to achieve the objectives. Even though, the manager is responsible to select a procedure which is more suitable and adoptable. 

(8) Maintaining good human relations:    Employees are working in different temperaments. They approach the manager for different reasons. The manager is answerable on his own behalf and on behalf of top management people. He is responsible for maintaining gooey human relations with the employees and maintains good human relations among the employees also.    

(9) Solve the problem: Sometimes problem may be raised among the employees. When, the manager takes the initiative steps for solving such problems. Employees feel happy if the manager understand the problem and solve the problem immediately.     

(10) Arranging training and development facilities: Training and Development facilities should be arranged by the manager for the benefit the organization and employees. Training and Development programmed is not only benefit the employee but also gives benefit to the organization. Hence, the manager has the responsibility of arranging training and development facilities.  

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