Range of process communication

Expalin the statement "Range of process of communication used within a team in the organization".




As the assignment will talk about the bank which is my organization where I am working and I am engaged. In this association, corporate and traditional strategy get used which helps in maintaining the competitive edge and competitive advantage. This strategy also increases the mission, values and objectives.

The range of processes of communication used within a team in the organization is internal communication and this helps to build commitment in the team which also helps in shared values with the people. Along with the internal communication, the organization also focuses on external communication because they believe that multiple acts have been set up these days and this helps organization to contribute in the continuous success. Talking about Royal bank of Canada, the team in this organization spends most of its time on logical, strategic as well as tactical side of communication. They have diverse team and they manage and build cohesion and diversity in the team. They also implement strategy in the organization such as to increase the collaboration and trust as well as to maintain the effectiveness in the team which also helps them in managing the different cultural backgrounds.

These organization builds high quality and comprehensive services which helps to maintain and to facilitate the business growth and business environment.

They have multi-cultural team who are highly committed and highly focused on the needs of communication. Two-way communication is associated with team in this organization. On the other hand, there is informal communication which is also not controllable by the management. They have highly standardized process and they believe in flexible communication process. They also set each activity and resources and thus they support each other’s activity and resources. They manage process electronically and also increase the transparency in the organization.

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