Psychological Dimensions of Jungian's Theory of Personality

Carl Jung's theories and personality types are very relevant to consumer behavior. Marketers are benefited by using Myers-Briggs type indicators that measures the following pairs of psychological dimensions:

  • Sensing-intuiting.
  • Thinking-feeling.
  • Extroversion-introversion.
  • Judging-perceiving.

Each of above four pairs show two distinct different personality characteristics which offers a picture of how consumers respond to the world around them. In order to avoid complexities with too many combinations of personality types, a consumer researcher suggested investigating consumption relevance with two pairs of dimensions.

  • Sensing - intuiting.
  • Thinking - feeling.

As mentioned above sensation and intuiting will help consumers to obtain and find out about things and products. Whereas, the thinking and feeling dimensions can be related to the decision styles adopted by the consumers. Such psychological inventory indicators will help in learning about the four personality type's impact on consumer information processing, their decision-making process and other consumption related issues that will enable marketers to satisfy consumer needs in a better manner.

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