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   Related Questions in Programming Languages

  • Q : What is an Instruction set Instruction

    Instruction set: The set of instructions which characterize a specific Central Processing Unit. The programs written in the instruction set of one type of CPU can’t usually be run on any other kind of CPU.

  • Q : Property Specifications of Java

    Property Specifications: The most straightforward way to specify and check simple safety properties in JPF is to use Java assertions inside the application under analysis. This allows the specification of properties that only depend on the application

  • Q : Describe the Binders Briefly describe

    Briefly describe the Binders?

  • Q : State the term an XHTML Element State

    State the term an XHTML Element?

  • Q : What do you mean by java AWT What do

    What do you mean by the term java AWT? Describe in brief.

  • Q : Explain the benefits of using MTS

    Explain the benefits of using MTS?

  • Q : Define Scope Scope : A language's scope

    Scope: A language's scope rules establish how broadly variables, methods and classes are visible in a class or program. The local variables contain a scope restricted to the block in which they are stated, for example. Private methods and variables co

  • Q : Explain For loop For loop : This is one

    For loop: This is one of the Java's three control structures employed for looping. The other two are while loop and do loop. A for loop includes of a loop header and a loop body. The header comprises of three expressions separated by two semicolons an

  • Q : Define Propagation Propagation : When

    Propagation: When an exception is thrown in a method, and there is no suitable exception handler within the method, the exception might be propagated to the caller of the method. For a checked exception, the method should include a throws clause in it

  • Q : How much does Symbian Signed

    How much does Symbian Signed certification and testing cost? Answer: Test houses contain their own prices for Symbian Signed testing. So you can check that prices through searching over the internet.

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