Procedure of Conflict Handling - Organizational Behavior

Following steps must be taken in resolving a conflict already arisen:

1)    Preliminary step: this step involves knowing of full details of the conflict and the first thing to note is the stage of conflict. The more advance the stage of conflict, the more efforts are required to resolve it. Moreover strategy used is also dependent upon the stage of conflict.

2)    Diagnosing the issue: under this stage, the issues involved should be analyzed and understood what the conflict is about. It may arise due to facts, goals, methods and values. Next thing in diagnosing is to know why these differences have arisen. The difference may be informal, perceptual, role factors and the like.

3)    Conflict handling modes: there may be numerous modes of conflict handling and these have been grouped into five:

I.            To avoid appearance of conflict and for this purpose like-minded people should be appointed.

II.            Not permitting conflicts to surface, i.e., to suppress the feelings of the parties causing frustration to both the parties. Under this approach, leader is supreme and loyalty to group and to leader is desired.

III.            Mediation: it involves sweeping out differences by mediation through persuasion, highlighting the merits and demerits of their case.

IV.            Letting the parties to settle their scores: it is better when both the parties adopt a rigid stand to their view.

V.            Mutual problem solving: this approach is suitable when both parties are interested in resolving the conflict and are not rigid to their stand.

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