Participative Leader

Participative Leader

A Participative leader is one who gives instruction only after consulting the group. He sees to it that policies are worked out the in a group discussion and with the acceptance the groups. He makes it clear that praise or blames is a matter for the group and the participates in the groups as a members. Participative leader style favors decision making by the groups as sharing the power by allowing the group to make a decision and to let the decision emerge from the group. Participative manager groups to make a managerial decision . His decision is not unilateral like that of a autocrat because they arise from the consultation with the group member and participation of them. Unlike an manager who control through the authority he possesses a participative manager exercise control mostly by using the forces with the groups

Some of the advantage of the participative leader

a) it increase the acceptance of the management idea

b) it improve the attitude of the employee towards their jobs and and the organization

c) it increase the cooperation between the manager and employee

d) it leads to reduction in the number of the complaint and the gravis

e) it increase the morale of the employee

This style has followings limitation as: 

a) participation may be interpreted as a sign of the inefficiency of the part of the leader subordinate may view the leader as incompetent to the leader as incomplete to handle the independently

B) sometime the predication tantamount to the passing the back to subordinate by the leader

c) Participative leadership is time consuming. Quick decision cannot be taken  

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