Objectives of Planning

Objectives of Planning

Planning in any organization serves to realize the following objectives:

1 Reduces uncertainly: future is an uncertainly. Planning may convert the uncertainly into certainly. This is possible to some extent by planning which is necessary to reduce uncertainly.

2 Brings co-operation and co-ordination: planning can bring co-operation and co-ordination among various sections of the organization. The rivalries and conflicts among departments could be avoided through planning. Besides planning avoids duplication of work.

3 Economy in operation: as already pointed out planning selects best alternatives among various available alternatives. This will lead to the best utilization of resources. The objectives of the organization are achieved easily.

4 Anticipates unpredictable contingencies: some events could not be predicted. These events are termed as contingencies. These events may affect the smooth functioning of an enterprise. The planning provides a provision to meet such contingencies and tackle them successfully.

5 Achieving the pre determined goals: planning activities are aimed at achieving the objectives of the enterprise. The timely achievements of objectives are possible only through effective planning.

6 Reduce competitions: the existence of competition enables the enterprise to get a chance for growth. At the same time stiff competition should be avoided. It is possible to reduce competition through planning.

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