Objectives of Human Resource Planning

The mainly three objectives of human resource planning are as follows:

i) To ensure optimum use of the human resources currently employed
ii).To assesses or forecast the future skill requirements.

iii) To provide the control measures to ensure that necessary resources are available whenever required.

A number of reasons for attaching the importance of manpower planning and then forecasting the exercise are to:

ü  Connect manpower planning with organizational planning,

ü  To determine recruitment levels,

ü  To anticipate redundancies,

ü  'Determine best possible training levels,

ü  Provide the basis for management and development programs,

ü  Cost the manpower in new projects,

ü Assess future adjustment requirements,

ü Study the cost of overheads and rate of service functions,

ü Have a competitive edge over other service providers, and then decide whether certain activities need to be subcontracted or not, etc.

These objectives are applicable for any hotel though according to specific requirements the hotel may add more to it, like, providing right service, meeting the increasing demands of guests at the right moment or meet the demand of changing trends and fashions in the hotel industry.

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