Learning Organization - Organizational Behavior

Is is an organization in which people at all levels, individually and collectively, are continually increasing their capacity to produce results they really care about.

Why should organizations care? Because, the level of performance and improvement needed today requires learning, lots of learning. In most industries, in health care, and in most areas of government, there is no clear path to success, no clear path to follow.

What's in it for the people? Learning to do is enormously rewarding and personally satisfying. For those of us working in the field, the possibility of a win-win is part of the attraction. This is the possibility of achieving extraordinary performance together with satisfaction and fulfillment for the individuals involved.

Are there any examples of learning organizations? Yes, but the learning organization so an ideal, a vision. Various organizations or parts organizations achieve this in varying degree.

According to McGill the learning organization is "a company that can respond to new information by altering the very" programming "By which information is processed and evaluated".

Most conceptualizations of the learning organizations seem to work on the assumption that 'learning is valuable, continuous, and effective when shared and that every experience is an opportunity to learn

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