Group Behavior - Organizational Behavior

Concept of group

A group consists of two or more persons who interact with each other, consciously for the achievement of certain common objectives. The members of the group are inter-dependent and are aware that they are part of a group.

In the words of David H. smith: "A group is a set of two or more individuals who are jointly characterized by a network of relevant communication, a shared sense of collective identity and one or more shared dispositions with associated normative strength".

According to Edgar H. Schien: "a group may be defined as a social phenomenon in which two or more persons decide to interact with on e another, share common ideology and perceive themselves as a group".

In order to be called a group, an aggregation of persons must satisfy the following conditions:

I.   People must interact with one another.

II.  People must be psychologically aware of one another.

III. People should perceive themselves to be a group.


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