Function of budgetary control play in cost control

Describe the function of budgetary control play in cost control? And also write down the requirements for its triumphant execution?




Budgetary Control is institution of budgets and the incessant contrast of real results with the intended results. It measures the variances and after that management takes essential actions to maintain favorable variations, throughout revision of the budgets.

The requirements for the triumphant execution of Budgetary Control are illustrated below:

- Foremost a Budget Centre which is that segment of the organization for which the budget will be made must be clearly stated.

- Time period or the budget period for which the budget will be made and functioned must be decided cautiously. It must neither be too long nor too short.

-A well-organized and appropriate system of accounting must be recognized so that the information vital for the appropriate execution for the budgetary control can be accessible on time.

-An appropriate organizational chart must be made appropriately, clearly representing the duties and responsibilities of each level of executive.

-A budget manual, a vital document in relation to the budgetary control. It must be well written, divided and indexed in segments. It must consist of objectives and principles of budgetary control, responsibilities and duties of each executive in the organization, budget diagrams, accounts codes, and so forth.

-A budget key factor must be charged before made other useful budgets to make sure that other functional budgets are able of accomplishment.

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