Face to Face Communication - Organization Behavior

This type of communication may, at the first thought, appear to be identical with oral communication. However, it is possible to visualize certain situation on which the two get distinguished. Telephonic conversation is oral but we cannot call it face-to dace communication. the presidents of two countries greeting each other with a smile and warmly shaking each other's hand are engaged in face-to-face communication, although, for want of a common language, their communication cannot be  described as oral. In most of the situations, however, all face-to-face communications are oral also.

Merits of face-to-face communication

I.            Facial expression and gestures help to communication better.

II.            Particularly suitable for discussion.

Limitation of face-to-face communication

I.            Difficult to practice in large-size organizations.

II.            Not effective in large gatherings.

III.            Ineffective if the listener is not attentive.


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