Explain why java is so important for internet?

The internet aided java to the forefront of programming. And java consequently has had a deep effect on the internet. The reason for this is highly simple: java uses the universe of objects that can travel freely in cyber space. In a network, two broad categories of objects are transmitted among the server and your personal computer: passive information and dynamic active programmes. For example when you read your e-mail you are seeing passive data. Even when you download a programme, the programmes code is still only passive data until you execute it. However a second type of objects can be transmitted to your computer a dynamic self executing programme. Such a programme is an active agent on the client computer, yet is initialized by the server. For example a programme might be provided by the server to display properly the data that the server is sending. As desirable as dynamic, network programmes are they also present serious problems in the areas of security and portability. Prior to java, cyber space was effectively closed to half of the entities that now live there. As you will see, java addresses those concerns and by doing so, has opened the door to an exciting new form of programme, the applet.

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