Explain about the goiter and endemic goiter

Explain these in detail, What is a goiter? Illustrate endemic goiter? How to solve this problem socially?




Goiter appears like tumor in the anterior neck and may be or maybe not visible sometimes but palpable. It is the abnormal and magnificent enlargement of the thyroid gland. It can occur in hyperthyroidism or sometimes hypothyroidism. Endemic goiter is the goiter caused by deficiency of iodine in the diet (deficient iodine ingestion). The widespread character of the disease is explained because the iodine content of the diet is often a cultural or social condition affecting many persons of some geological regions. When hypothyroidism is caused by deficient iodine ingestion it is more frequent in regions far from the sea coast (since sea food is rich in iodine).  Nowadays the problem is often solved by addition of iodine in table salt. As this is a widely used condiment the supply of iodine in diet is almost assured by this method.

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