Disadvantages of bureaucracy

Disadvantages of bureaucracy

a coin has two sides. So, bureaucracy has disadvantages or limitations also. The disadvantages or limitations of bureaucracy are given below.

1 Rigidity: rules and regulations are very rigid and inflexible under bureaucracy. The initiative and creativity of employees are discouraged with rigid compliance of rules and regulations. There is a resistance to change on the part of employees also. The reason is that bureaucracy provides a scope to employees to shrink responsibility for failures.

2 Red Taoism: there is too much red Taoism and paper work. Every decision is taken after heaving detailed discussion with many persons. These discussions are recorded in a number of documents. These documents cannot be cancelled after having been taken. Bureaucracy has a lot of paperwork.

3 Displacement of goal: an organization has been divided into various units and sub units. The objective of sub unit is also framed by the top management. A person who is in charge of a sub unit may try to achieve its objective reelecting the overall objectives of the organization. In such a case the management finds it very difficult to achieve the goals the organization.

4 impersonal nature of work: service with devotion is not expected from the employees. It does not faster in them a sense of belongingness. The employees do not care about the well being of the organization. This is because of impersonal nature of work.

5 failures of co-operation and co-ordination: organizational rules and regulations are given priority over situation. Jobs are performed according to norms and procedures. It hampers the free flow of work. So this restricts the management from getting the mutual co-operation and co-ordination.

6 Mechanical treatment: initiative and creative thinking of an employee are not recognized. Employees are treated like machine and not like individuals.

7 No Mutual understanding: personal feelings views needs and opinions are not given any importance or consideration under bureaucracy. Contractual obligations are given much importance over human relations. This results non existence of mutual understanding.

8 Empire Building: every superior tries to increase the number of his subordinates. The reason is that the maximum number of subordinates is considered a symbol of power and prestige. In other worlds a person wants to have a number of followers while walking on a road. It is a symbol of prestige empire building. 

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