Define Absolute filename

Absolute filename: It is a filename whose full path is unambiguously provided starting from the top (that is, root) of a file system tree. For example:


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  • Q : Define Function Function : The name

    Function: The name given to assembly of statements which does some particular task and might return a value. Function can be invoked (or called) any number of time and anywhere in the program.

  • Q : Define Capability Normal 0 false false

    Normal 0 false false

  • Q : Explain Exclusive-or operator

    Exclusive-or operator: An exclusive-or operator (^) is both a Boolean operator and the bit manipulation operator. The Boolean version provides the value true when only one of its operands is true; or else it offers the value false. Likewise, the bit m

  • Q : What is Pop-up menu Pop-up menu : A

    Pop-up menu: A menu of actions which is generally not visible on the screen till a mouse button is clicked. The Popup menus assist to keep a user interface from becoming cluttered.

  • Q : Explain Fully qualified class name

    Fully qualified class name: The name of a class, comprising any package name and including class name. The class outline is as follows:     package oddments;    class Outer

  • Q : Java program to sort ten numbers using

    Q. Write a java program to sort ten numbers using bubble sort method. Ans. class Bubble sort

    Q : What is Member What is Member : Members

    What is Member: Members of a class are methods, fields and nested classes.

  • Q : State Sub type Sub type: It is a type

    Sub type: It is a type with a parent super type. The sub-type or super-type relationship is more common than the sub-class or super-class relationship. A class which implements an interface is a sub type of interface. An interface which expands the ot

  • Q : What is Timeslice Timeslice : It is the

    Timeslice: It is the amount of running time assigned to a process or thread prior to the scheduler considers the other to be run. The process or thread will not be capable to employ its full allocation of time when it becomes blocked or preempted thro

  • Q : Data types of LONG To define the data

    To define the data types such as LONG, INT, SHORT, CHAR write a program?

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