Cultural Diversity for Individuals - Organizational Behavior

a) Live and work outside your home country. Be willing to take an overseas assignment whenever the opportunity arises.

b) Travel outside your home country extensively.

c) While away, adapt to the customs of the new country. Get to know the local residents, rather than spending your time with people of your own nationality.

d) Develop friendship with people from nationalities other than your own. Make it a point to learn from them about their customs, about the way business is conducted, about the differences and similarities between their country and yours.

e) Learn another language or languages.

f) Work at developing a non-home-country perspective on world events. Subscribe to newspapers and periodicals that broaden your understanding of key issues from multinational perspectives.

g) When traveling outside your home country on business, learn in advance about the cultural differences and customs that will affect the way in which you conduct business there.


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