Contributions of the human relations approach

Contributions of the human relations approach

There is a departure from the scientific management approach regarding the influence of engineering factors for influence and for increase in the productivity. Mayo had rediscovered Robert Owens's century old dictum that a true concern for the workers, 'those vital machines' paid dividedness.

1.       This approach suggested that the democratic style of supervision yields more benefits than task centered leadership by informal organization than by formal organization.

2.       In addition, the researches recognized the significance of a manager's style and thereby stressed on management training.

3.       More attention was paid on teaching management skills rather than technical skills to people.

4.       Finally their work led to a new interest in group dynamics, group process and group reward rather than individual worker.

5.       Another contribution of human relations approach was that business organization is more than the logical arrangement to the work functions and social factors should also be considered in designing an organization structure. This school is characterized by a genuine interest in the organic (humanistic) structure rather than mechanistic structure.

6.       Workers output is determined by the group norms but not by the time study and motion study.

7.       Workers are motivated not only the money but also by non financial rewards.                               

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