using c# visual studio 2012

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  • Q : Software Quality Assurance and Software

    What real-life experience have you gained along with Software Quality Assurance as well as Software Quality Control?

  • Q : What is Bounded repetition Bounded

    Bounded repetition: The Repetition where statements within a loop's body are executed a fixed number of times and the number of times is established whenever the loop began. There is no control structure in Java which guarantees the bounded repetition

  • Q : Data structure appears in a COBOL

    The following data structure appears in a COBOL program used by a bureau de change:01 AUXILAIRY-ITEMS.    05 AMOUNT-REQUIRED PIC999V99.    05 SUCCESS-INDICATOR PIC 9.    88 SUCCESS VALUE 1.01 C

  • Q : Difference between JavaScript and AJAX

    Write basic difference between JavaScript and AJAX ?

  • Q : How can I get an exact image in a web

    How can I get an exact image in a web page?

  • Q : What is signal What is meant by the

    What is meant by the signal?

  • Q : How class can be prevented from

    How class can be prevented from inheriting further?

  • Q : Passing by address or reference Passing

    Passing by address or reference: In this technique no separate memory build for formal variables that is, formal variables share similar location of actual variables and therefore any change on formal variables automatically reflected back to real var

  • Q : Explain Timesharing system Timesharing

    Timesharing system: It is an operating system which shares processor time among multiple processes by assigning each a time slice. Once a process's time slice has finished or expired, the other procedure is given a possibility to run.

  • Q : What is an Unchecked exception

    Unchecked exception: An exception for which it is not needed to give a local try statement or to propagate through a throws clause stated in the method header. An exception which is not handled will cause program annihilation when it is thrown.

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