Avoidable interest


The amount of interest that an organization would have avoided if it had not made the expenditures for an asset. Avoidable interest is calculated when an entity is self- constructing an asset. The cost of the asset can include material, labor, and overhead plus some interest. The company is allowed to capitalize lesser of the actual interest on borrowings for the project or the avoidable interests. The business calculates avoid- able interest based on  weighted-average  expenditures for  the project and on a rate. For the amount up to the actual borrowing, the entity usage the actual borrowing rate, and for the remainder it usage a weighted-average rate. Interest cannot be capitalized if the entity takes on debt to purchase the completed asset; it can only be capitalized in the case of self-constructed asset. The Financial Accounting Standards Board allows this because a contractor would borrow to build the project, adding the interest into the cost of project, so a purchased asset includes the builder's interest cost.






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