Applications of Computer Networks

Q. Write down the applications of Computer Networks?




1. Information:

One of the applications of computer networks ithe capability to provide access to remote information.


  • Pay bills; bring out transactions on bank accounts etc.
  • Shop from the home only by inspecting the catalogs of thousands of companies existing online.
  • Ask the newspaper for entire information about your interesting topics such as corrupt politicians, football, big fires and so on.
  • Access the information about health, science, business, arts, cooking, sports, travel, and government and so on. All this is accessible on the information systems like the World Wide Web (WWW).

2. Communication:

The popular application of computer networks is electronic mail or e-mail which broadly used by the millions of people to send and receive the text messages. With real-time e-mail, remote users can Communicate even by see and hear each other at the same instance. It is also probable to have virtual meetings called videoconference on-line among remote users.

3. Entertainment:

A large and growing application is entertainment. It entertains people by allowing video demand, and also has multiple real-time games etc.


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