A structure for showing the effect of market events on a particular asset, liability, equity, earnings, or expense. The effects are measured in terms of dollars. The account looks like as a collection point in the meanwhile the processing of all the transactions involving the balance sheet or income-statement item, accommodating the value that appear on the financial statement.






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    Discuss and compare the costs of hedging through the forward contract and the options contract.

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     Exhibit 3.3 states that in year 1991, the U.S. had current account deficit and consecutively a capital account deficit. Explain about how this may occur?

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    Question 3 The following information is taken from the financi al statements of an entity: 20x6 20x5 Property, plant and equipment $4,100,000 $3,600,000 Accumulated depreciation (1,400,000) (1,050,000) Depreciation expense 650,000 Gain on disposal of PPE 35,000 The asset disposed of had

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    The following information for the month of December 20x6, with respect to cash activities, was gathered by Tressa Ltd.’s bookkeeper. Cash balance per books, December 1 $ 3,700

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    Significant costs associated with the disposal of asset. Accounting for asset retirement obligations requires estimating the cost and discounting estimate. The present value added to the asset's depreciable base and a liability is recorded for the obligation. Every year, interest expense is added

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    Intangible assets: It is the asset that is not visible however we can feel them. The main examples of these assets are goodwill, patent and trade marks.

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