a technically oriented software design document

Design: For this assignment you are to produce, one per group, a technically oriented software  design document. As the scope of the project is quite small and basically encompasses an extension to an existing project, you need not separate architectural and module-level design. Your design should include diagrams and other materials suitable to describe your proposed implementation. The level of detail should be sufficient that some other group could implement your design.

Schedule: You are to create a detailed schedule on the implementation timeline that you will follow. Indicate who is responsible for each component, when it is to be done, and so on. Include any testing milestones you intent to achieve.

Administrative Details: Grammar and spelling (Canadian/UK) matter such that poorly written work will obtain a lower grade. I will pay attention to the presentation of your diagrams and consider  layout, clarity, and organization. Please do not use less than 10 point fonts. You do not need to double space. Citations, in any uniform format (e.g., ACM, IEEE, APA, MLA) are necessary when you reference the work of others

- please see me if you need guidance on when, or how, to use citations.

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