You could compare and contrast a few works of art from one

Focus on some aspect of religious art (music, dance, theater, etc.) and write an essay in which you both describe that work and discuss it in terms of the religious tradition it represents.

For example, a few years ago there was an exhibition on Egyptian religious art at the Toledo Museum Art exhibition on Egypt-that would have made an interesting topic. Or, if there is a particular performance, say, by the Toledo symphony of a Mozart Mass, you might wish to write about that.

This should be an "active" journal, meaning that you should actually attend the event. It is not meant to be a short research project only.

Also, this visi/attendance MUST take place during the semester, and you must provide information about the name of the event/place, the location, and the date. Otherwise you will not receive credit for the assignment. (You MUST include/attach a photograph of a program or the specific work of art or the performance.)

Many students write about their experience at the Toledo Museum of Art. (Remember, it's closed on Mondays, but it is open the rest of the week and Friday evenings. It's free, though you will have to pay for parking.

The museum has a lot of religious art-Christian, African, Egyptian, Greek & Roman, and some Hindu and Buddhist art. If you write on this topic, you have much leeway, though you absolutely MUST visit the museum in person.

1. You could compare and contrast a few works of art from one religious tradition to some in another tradition.

2. You could, for example, focus only on one tradition. For example, you could write only on the Christian art in the collection but you could focus on only paintings or sculpture that depict scenes from the Bible. Or only work that deals with the Crucifixion. Or only work that shows the Holy Family. (I think you get the idea.)

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History: You could compare and contrast a few works of art from one
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