Writing a field agency macro paper


Field Agency Macro Paper


The purpose of this assignment is to help you understand and think critically about the agency in which you have your field internship, its place within a field of practice, its organizational purpose, structure, and function and, particularly, the specific program or service unit to which you are assigned. It is designed to help you get a beginning "feel" for what it is like to be a worker with a client in your agency or program.


1. Follow the outline precisely.

2. Be brief and factual in your answers.

3. Use agency charts where possible, e.g., budget, organizational chart for staffing pattern. Do not insert charts in lieu of the narrative presentation. If a chart is not available, you may create one to summarize the information.

4. Use the latest available data, e.g. annual report.

5. Locate key people who will help you find the information for this assignment and interview them.

6. 5 pages, excluding charts. Use APA format.

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Macroeconomics: Writing a field agency macro paper
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